Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day in The Life

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11:15PM -- Ended up talking on the phone for 2 hrs with a very smart fella.  Quick workout, shower, maybe a beer,  and then the Lakers game currently being recorded on my DVR. Have a good night!

8:54PM -- (1 Achievement) (10 Gamerscore) in Adrenalin Misfits. I suck at this game!

8:40PM -- Time for a little Kinect. I always unplug the thing when not in use....Major Nelson is probably spying in on me waiting for my E-penis to fall out of my shorts. I kid, Major is the man!

8:35PM -- Misfits will have to wait a few, gotta give my buddy Drew a holla.

8:23PM -- Just realized I haven't made fun of Rand al Thor 19 yet.....

8:07PM -- Reading through some of your E-mails, thanks so much for your interest! If I could give every single one of you an XtendPlay, I would. Hopefully I can giveaway more soon. If you want one of your very own check out: and use code PAXPROMO11 at checkout for 20% off. For those in Europe, check out

7:59PM -- Might fire up the Kinect for a bit to play some Adrenalin Misfits. 

7:56PM -- Back from the park, Cindy and I are both sorta sick so we just walked. No more XtendPlay's to giveaway today, Congrats to those that won.

6:36PM -- Better get to the park before there is no daylight.

6:25PM -- First person to E-mail me at: Wins an XtendPlay. Use XtendPlay as the subject.

6:20PM -- (3 Achievements) (15 Gamerscore) In Full House Poker. Get your E-mail ready once again....No premature e-mails...I'll let you know when.

5:57PM -- (5 Achievements) (50 Gamerscore) in Full House Poker. I like it, seems like the card/party game to finally replace the original uno on XBLA. Seems laggy when cards are being dealt, which seems odd. I like how you can change your avatar clothing to new stuff only found inside the game. Nice touch for an avatar game.

5:37PM -- (4 Achievements) (45 Gamerscore) in Full House Poker arcade. All the stats carried over for the phone version so I was instantly a level 50. :)

5:32PM -- Checking out Full House Poker arcade.

5:16PM  Downloading the arcade version of Full House Poker.

4:43PM -- Servers still down for me, not really surprised.

4:30PM -- Gotta let that taco digest before going to the park. Homefront servers better be working now, you are replaceable.

4:22PM -- I'll giveaway one more signed or untouched XtendPlay shortly. Which ever you prefer.

4:18PM --Robert from Germany has asked for a signed XtendPlay for his birthday. I can't say no to that.

4:13PM -- I was going to giveaway a 1,600 point card, but I don't think it's fair to exclude everyone from the other countries. Question: Game Codes work universally? If yes, I'll try to get a game code next time.

4:10PM -- Bout to get some chow then maybe head to the park for a run.

3:43PM -- This sums up why a lot of games are fail. I'm sick of this bullshit.

3:23PM -- Still staring at my computer screen... My Xbox has been idle since I popped those 2 achievements a while back. I'm ready for next generation to start...I want and need a new system.

3:12PM -- Accidentally got some sharpie on my finger. I wonder if sniffing it will get me high?

2:47PM -- Ah, maybe I'll do another level in Homefront. I need some damn food.

2:39PM -- What to play? Thinking maybe some Vanquish, I've had a hard time getting into it.
2:27 PM -- Here is the XtendPlay that Matt won. Popped two achievements with it, I'll stick it back in the box and have it off to you shortly. Enjoy!

2:14PM -- I like Homefront, but there are better shooters available. It's hard for me to get into MP games, but I think it's fun. CoD and Battlefield are both superior in every way.

2:11PM -- (2 Achievements) (35 Gamerscore) In Homefront.

1:15PM - Bout to play some Homefront with Matt's future XtendPlay.

1:08PM - Coffee and cough drops don't mix.

1:04PM -- Trying to think of the best way to go about giving the code away....I can't let one of the haters get it.

12:55PM -- That won't be until a little later tho.

12:53PM -- okay.. there is a winner. no need to e-mail anymore.Another giveaway later on.

12:49PM -- E-mail me: to win your very own XtendPlay. Just put XtendPlay as the subject. 

12:47PM -- Get your E-mail ready.......

12:38PM -- Still working on this interview....want to play some games.

12:33PM -- I had a blast at PAX even though it was all business, but my favorite moment was when I signed my first autograph. It was a female. I LOVE YOU! Such a strange, yet awesome feeling.

12:29PM -- I saw fatal1ty there as well, he was still playing 10 year old games.

12:19PM -- I saw Cliffy B at the gamers gone wild party... I can now die in peace.

12:14 PM -- Blah! Out of milk, I guess creamer in the coffee will work. On another note, I think Microsoft should donate a days worth of avatar clothing purchases to the relief in Japan.  Or even create a shirt specifically for that purpose. Sometimes I really believe monkeys are at the wheel there. Bill Gates is the man though, I should probably start following him on twitter.

12:07PM -- Time for some more coffee and maybe hunt down something to eat. Gotta work on an interview from COED Magazine. Speaking of mags, check out the March issue of EGM with CoJ on the cover. I contributed on an article in there.

12:05PM -- Newest achievement bounty which is completely up to date.
11:43AM -- I thought I did better yesterday. I'm garbage.

11:28AM -- While I work on the achievement bounty for yesterday, check out this video. I make a few appearances in there, Stophj as well.

11:24AM -- I'll try to get some pictures of it. Sorry for the early morning depression. GIVEAWAYS soon! :)

11:14AM -- Time just seems to fly by as you age. Speaking of house fires, I've had a few in my life time. Back in 2000 my house burned to the ground. I was coming home from the final day of my junior year. I was so excited, I think everyone knows the feeling of the final day. I got home to multiple firetrucks and huge smoke clouds. I had nothing but my car and the clothes on my back. I literally put everything I owned in a single shoe box. It was during this time of my life that I really learned to appreciate things. Even though it was probably the worst point in my life, it made me a better person.

11:12AM -- It seems just like yesterday when I did one of these. Last time was Kinect release day, which was on November 5th.

11:08AM -- Send GT: MightyMango some words of encouragement. His house was badly damaged by a house fire. Hang in there man!

11:03AM -- I've been up for around an hour. Laid in bed wide awake for an extra 30 minutes (lazy) and the coffee machine is giving me problems. 

10:57AM -- Decided to do A Day in the Life on this lovely Sunday since I don't have anything better to do. Still trying to recover from the sore throat I got during PAX last weekend. There will be giveaways during the day, so keep your eyes peeled for that.



    So bad... I cannot comprehend what he's going through.

  2. Who won the XtendPlay giveaway?

  3. I must've not won:(. Felt like I sent it as soon as your post popped up. I was the one from rocketmail. And my name in it. Last then first. Matt btw

  4. :D. I can't believe I did

  5. At least you can play Homefront. Me and hundreds of others can't get to the main menu without freezing. Most broken game ever.

  6. You said the full arcade version of the poker. Is that still wp7?

  7. There's an XBLA version and a WP7 version. Each have their own achievement list.

  8. i want one!!! im waiting for the next giveaway :)

  9. XtendPlay looks so derp. Why would you want a ugly green lump of plastic around your controller? sorry, but it looks nasty and cheap. Although they must be giving you giving you a lot of money to promote such a derp product. no offence.

  10. You won't no until you try it out So think before you speak man. It's obviously working for everyone that I've seen or heard use it

  11. First, it's not plastic. Second, I've had plenty of other companies approach me and this is the only product I thought was worth endorsing. Don't knock it until you try it. Herp to your derp.

  12. I love my xtendplay and I'm not making any money off it. Give it a shot yourself it's not like the $20 is a life altering decision.

  13. Glad to see your support for Mango. Not that elitist bullshit we've dealt with before, but that real genuine camaraderie between gamers that I've missed the most.

  14. homefront is easily better than battlefield. Cod and Battlefield both had server trouble when they launched. i really wish people would give the game a chance before dismissing it.

  15. meh, sorry I was such a douche about the xtendplay, I have not personally tried one, I just don't understand the need for it when i can hold my controller perfectly myself. It may be a decent product but the 360 controller is the best controller around, no improvements/attachments required.

    Although I'd imagine it would help with the shitty ps3 controllers. Sorry for the rant.

    u teh man.

  16. I like Homefront, but better then Battlefield? Have you drove a vehicle yet? It's laughable. I never dismissed it, I just think it's a tier under the best online shooters.

  17. Stallion, how come you only use the Microsoft controllers? Granted, most third party ones are pieces of crap, but there are some good ones like the Razer Onza. Does Xtendplay not work with controllers other than the first party ones?

  18. Unfortunately they only work with the standard controllers. A one size fits all doesn't seem feasible because of how precise the molding has to be when accommodating the standard controller. It's a perfect fit. Evil controllers will work because I think it uses the same shell.

  19. How come you're calling the Razer Onza an "evil controller"? Just a first party kind of guy, or do you not like Razer? I'm not trying to troll or anything, I'm just curious

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