Friday, March 25, 2011

Completed Game #456: Bloody Good Time

Bloody Good Time is a multiplayer oriented first-person shooter with more emphasis on melee rather than gun-play. Across the 3 sets (maps, the premise is Hollywood sets) to choose from you will find: Beds, to replenish your sleepy meter. Toilets, to replenish your urge meter. (not sure what in the bloody hell to call it) Food, to replenish your hunger meter. If you let these meters deplete, your character will start walking really slow from fatigue. If you don't relieve yourself, your character will start doing the Michael Jackson crotch grab. Hee-Hee

You literally have to sleep, piss/shit, and eat during actual live gameplay, which can set up extremely odd scenarios. I was relieving myself in the bathroom and I'm 100% certain my character was taking a shit because he was sitting on the toilet. Another player in the match was using the clown character and was just standing in the the bathroom corner watching me do my business. I bet some freaky ass people jump into multiplayer games just to watch people take shits. I don't know about you, but I would classify a dude dressed up as a clown while watching someone take a shit a super freak. I guess if that is your thing, you will have a Bloody Good Time with this one.

Bad <-----------

Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Worth 400 MSP? If you like watching other people take virtual shits, then HELL YEAH!

Achievement Difficulty: 4 (baby grind with me)

Time to complete the full 200: 8 to 10 hour range.


  1. It seems you had more of a Bloody good time writing this than actually playing the game hah

  2. As a fan of virtual shits and watching people take them, this sounds like it is right up my alley.

  3. More like completed game 437 according to TA. Also your 5 hour estimate to complete GB: SoS was way off. It took my friend and I 2 and a half hours to complete playing with 2 worthless AI.

  4. Dude what have you accomplished besides a gamerscore that counts for nothing??...u spend all ur time and money on games when you could be out making a difference with all that time and disgust me

  5. I said GB was under 5 hours. And the completed games thing is excluding DLC. That number always goes up, never down because of released DLC.

  6. some of the guys above seem a little jealous. in the words of Eddie Murphy ' Do you enjoy what you do, yes?, then tell that mother f**ker i said have a coke and a smile and shut the f**k up!