Friday, February 18, 2011

So Nice I Played it Twice

As I have been trying to think of ways to freshen up the site a little and bring more news to the page I've been looking for aspects of gaming and achievements most sites don't cover. So here's a new feature I thought up while wasting my hard earned money on the Internet this morning. "So nice I played it twice" is a feature exposing games with stack able achievements from around the world and hopefully making it easier for you to find and purchase them if you are into that sort of thing. Keep reading after the break for info on games that stack and where you can find them.

So far this year there have been so stack able gems. To get you caught up here is a run down of this years high lights so far. If you like the feature It will turn into a new releases post similar to the ones I do for Windows Phone 7 games. Please leave feed back on the comments or my Twitter account @StophJ

Pretty much the hands down game of the year from 2010 makes it's way to a console near you yet again... Well, if Japan is near you that is. Mass Effect 2 makes it's way to Japan with no Cerberus network and No DLC (Yet?). It's the same game you know and love. It has full English language support just in case you were worried about making dialogue choices you did understand.

Bioware must have caught a little japan Fever in January. They are also bringing the 2009 RPG Dragon Age Origins to the NTSC-J console. A week before the release of Dragon Age 2 here in the US. The game includes a large amount of DLC included in the box including a possible 1325 Gamerscore. I can only assume the rest of the DLC will make it's way to the market place eventually so you may want to stock up on those Japanese Microsoft Points cards when you purchase this one.

The second version of Dead Space 2 comes from Germany a place where violence in video games will not be tolerated. It will be interesting to see what kind of butcher job the editing department did on this instant classic. one way or the other one of the greatest games of 2011 is ripe for the picking if you just couldn't get enough out of it the first go round.


Bulletstorm makes it's debut in US stores this upcoming Tuesday with two separate versions worth a total of 2000 gamerscore. You can pick it up on Xbox 360 and PC. If you purchase the PC version through Games for Windows Live they will even give you a free copy of Gears of War PC for your trouble. which if you were wondering also features stack able achievements to the 360 version. makes me wonder... why no Gears 2 PC?


Venetica had been available in Germany for nearly a year before making its way to the US. It is rare a game Starts out in Europe and makes it's way here. if you like action RPG's this one may be worth a look with a minimum of 2 play throughs and 30 hours per copy. You could net your self a nice even 2000 points in 60 hours.


  1. I'll probably get the German Dead Space 2 and maybe Mass Effect 2. I love having the avalibility to play every single game avalible with achievements. (PAL, US, JP, Kinect, WP7 and PC)

  2. I have to say. This is a really great idea. Maybe some links to places to buy the japenese xbox would be good. Also the other ones

  3. is also an awesome place to pick up a Japanese console. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I will continue to do these when I catch a new version.

  4. If something is German as opposed to EU designation, will a PAL Xbox play both of them or do you actually have to get a German Xbox to play the the German version?

  5. @Panzer

    Yes a PAL console will play German and Australian games. both of those countries have much stricter ratings rules than the rest of the world so their games have special edits. Most Germans cross a border to get the PEGI rated versions instead.

  6. Interesting, thanks for the information, I would get a PAL xbox if I had any money since there are so many games I would want to play twice that are region locked. Great article by the way, this is a subject none of the big achievement sites give enough information about.

  7. Can't wait for Gears of War 3! Bulletstorm has the demo code. hehehe, I still dont have the money for it though!

  8. what are some obvious ways to tell if it is a german game?, sorry im late to the game.