Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Achievement Bounty 2-9-2011 - 2-15-2011 (112) (2,255GS)
Achievements obtained from Test Drive Unlimited 2, Vanquish, Lucha Libre AAA, Plants VS. Zombies, Super Hero Squad: TIG, and Duke Nukem: Manhattan.

Completed Games: Duke Nukem: Manhattan, Plants VS. Zombies, and Super Hero Squad: TIG.

Completed DLC:  Captain America Collection - Super Hero Squad: TIG and The Thanos Throwdown - Super Hero Squad: TIG

I decided to "ketchup" a little bit with the bounties. I've been living in the past for a few weeks now.

The Chase Down Progress as of 2-15-2011:

25 of 46

25 completed games. 46 days have passed in the calendar year.

Can this be done? Probably not. A single completed game per day is pushing it. The opportunity to chase  down has more than likely passed. I couldn't stay completely focused on just completing games. A little bad luck didn't help, either. I was about 20 or 30 minutes away from a Duke Nukem completion about mid week and got the dreaded corruption message. Of course that put me in bad spirits.

A gamer's worst nightmare.
I sucked it up and started Duke from the beginning a few days later. I hated every single second of that. I'm not giving up on the chase down just yet, but I don't see it happening. Unless I get my butt in gear RIGHT NOW.

Nothing like oddly shaped, over-sized, polygon boobs in your eye.
Luchador El MachiNeo

No 2011 stats update for today. I'll put that together tomorrow.


  1. LMFAO @ the last pic.

  2. achievement bounty is 111 not 112, not trying to be a d!ck, just a little OCD when it comes to counting....

  3. Thanks. I missed putting one from super squad. Gotta redo it.