Thursday, January 27, 2011

They're Great!

Achievement Bounty 1-25-2011 (47) (1,100GS)
Achievements obtained from MorphX and Dead Space 2.

Completed Game: MorphX
The good and the bad. It was like holding a cup of shit in one hand and delicious chocolate ice cream in the other, with sprinkles. MorphX is just bad, not the worst game out there or epicly bad, just not good. Even though it's bad from every standpoint you judge or rate a game, I ended up getting some enjoyment out of it. MorphX does one thing well, that's the way you upgrade your abilities. It seems like something that would be found in a AAA tittle. It's like a puzzle you create with DNA looking strands for each ability. I think someone came up with the idea for the upgrade system and then proceeded to use old ps1 assets to create the rest of the game.

Dead Space: 2 is everything you would expect if you played the first one. It's great, looks great, feels great, sounds great. Tony the fucking tiger would approve. There was one part where I thought my game was glitched. I don't want to ruin it for you, but I was about to turn off my Xbox. The developers tricked me into thinking my game might be glitched. It was genius timing and gameplay rolled into one. Don't get me started on how awesome it is to shoot the glass out and decompress those necromorph bastards into space. That is amazing gameplay and the dude who thought that up deserves a few circle jerks at EA headquarters.(The guy that thought up achievements deserves the highly coveted circle jerk award as well)

People usually get scared when they get caught in confined spaces. My fear is long hallways in the dark and Dead Space 2 has a few of those. Best if played in the dark, with surround sound blaring, which makes it a pretty jumpy game. A few monster closets here and there for cheap thrills. (What do the monsters do in the closest while they are waiting for you? Answer: Circle Jerk) I'm almost done with Dead Space 2, only a few chapters left. I am eager to see how the last few shape up.

Just googled my name to see the list that would come up. Quit stalking my sister. :P
2011 Stats

Achievements & Gamerscore

Total achievements: 253

Total gamerscore: 5,411

Retail game achievements: 158

Retail game gamerscore: 4,076

Arcade achievements: 39

Arcade gamerscore: 605

DLC achievements: 10

DLC gamerscore: 230

Windows Phone 7 achievements: 56

Windows Phone 7 gamerscore: 730

Kinect achievements: 2

Kinect gamerscore: 50

Achievements from amazing games:11

Gamerscore from amazing games: 420

Achievements from great games: 24

Gamerscore from great games: 481

Achievements from good games:  35

Gamerscore from good games: 745

Achievements from decent games: 74

Gamerscore from decent games: 1,440

Achievements from bad games: 74

Gamerscore from bad games: 1,530

Achievements from terrible games: 33

Gamerscore from terrible games: 795
Games Played

Amazing games: Halo: Reach, Red Dead: Redemption, Dead Space 2

Great games:  NBA 2k11, DJ Hero, Rock Band3, Raskulls, DeathSpank

Good games: Lost Planet 2, Lara Croft: GoL, Project Sunburst (WP7), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Decent games: Games Chest Solitaire (WP7), Revolution (WP7), Kinect Adventures, Karaoke Revolution, Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revolution (WP7), Brick Breaker: Revolution (WP7), Cabela's North American Adventures, Microbot

Bad games: FF: Adrenaline (WP7), Dead Space: Ignition, Women's Murder Club, MorphX

Terrible games: Turning Point [FR/DE], Family Game Night 3
Completed Games

Overall: (11) Family Game Night 3, FF Adrenaline, Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revolution, Dead Space: Ignition, Women's Murder Club, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, Halo: Reach, Raskulls, Cabela's North American Adventures, MorphX

Retail: (5) Family Game Night 3, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, Halo: Reach, Cabela's North American Adventures, MorphX

Arcade: (3) Golf: Tee It Up!, Dead Space: Ignition, Raskulls

Windows Phone 7: (3) FF Adrenaline, de Blob Revolution, Women's Murder Club

DLC: (1) Endor DLC - Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Amazing games: (1) Halo: Reach

Great games: (1) Raskulls

Good games: (1) Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Decent games: (3) Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revoltion, Cabela's North American Adventures

Bad games: (4) FF Adrenaline, Dead Space: Ignition, Women's Murder Club, MorphX

Terrible games: (1) Family Game Night 3


  1. Damn, read the entire thing and I didn't realize how much you hated Family Game Night 3 until now! (Despite all the hootin and hollerin about it while you were playing it.)

  2. I'd rather lick the white crusty stuff that builds up on the side of ones mouth. I hated it!

  3. Why do you only have 2 Kinect Cheevos? You should play that more. Some of the games have some easy cheevos

  4. I do have more. Those are stats from 2011 only. Easily have 100+ for Kinect overall.

  5. wait what? thats your sister not your girlfriend?

  6. haha, no its not. Just seen many people comment that it must be my sister beside me. Mostly in the yahoo! interview I did.

  7. so what was the dead space 2 trick they fooled u with?