Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 10 Favorite Achievements of 2010

Check out THIS Complex magazine article for my 10 favorite achievements of 2010.

"We're not afraid to say it: We're achievement whores. There's something about that sound our Xboxes make that makes us feel accomplished, like we just cured AIDS or sent a man to Neptune. In reality, though, we just collected 10 thingamabobs, killed a level boss, or had promiscuous sex with an alien NPC (thanks, BioWare!). It got us thinking about all of the thousands of achievements that developers challenged us with in 2010, from the whimsical to the diabolical. If there was only someone who could possibly give us a solid list of some of the year's best! Oh, wait, there is.

Enter Raymond Cox, a.k.a, Stallion83, owner of the world's highest Gamerscore on Xbox LIVE, with over 520,000 points—though it's only about halfway to his goal of a million

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