Monday, January 3, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Achievement Bounty 1-2-2011 (8) (145gs)
Achievements obtained from Turning Point [FR/DE]

This is the day my PAL Xbox 360 bit the dust. Prior to the poor bastard dying such a horrible death, I neglected to touch it for a couple of months like an old married couple. I played (saw menus and loading screens) all of 5 minutes before it gasped its final breath. I never really had a chance to say farewell to the old chap. It gave me some great memories that I will hold onto forever. Like playing a cricket game for very first time, thoroughly enjoying Eragon a second time, and playing simulation soccer games until the wee hours of the morning. I have no idea how I'm going pick myself up and move on. This empty void in my life will be extremely hard to overcome. If you will, pour a 40 for my homie. You will be missed.

2011 Stats

Achievements & Gamerscore

Total achievements: 10

Total gamerscore: 190

Retail game achievements:10

Retail game gamerscore: 190

Arcade achievements:

Arcade gamerscore:

DLC achievements:

DLC gamerscore:

Windows Phone 7 achievements:

Windows Phone 7 gamerscore:

Achievements from great games: 2

Gamerscore from great games: 45

Achievements from terrible games: 8

Gamerscore from terrible games: 145
Games Played

Amazing games: Halo: Reach

Great games:  NBA 2k11

Good games:

Decent games: Games Chest Solitaire (WP7)

Bad games:

Terrible games: Turning Point [FR/DE]


  1. Awww man you forgot the 4am Looney Tunes fiasco :P

  2. Not sure how that slipped my mind.

  3. I really like the idea of the 2011 Stat Sheet. Weshould have some baseball cards printed up!

  4. lol E-peen trading cards.

    Like all the retarded ideas I have, it came to me in the shower.....Rand als mother remembers.

  5. You know you love Turning Point FR/DE hah. Sucks about your PAL console though. I just had to pay $100 to get mine repaired. Anyways, I'm sure you get this everyday, but mind opening up a spot on your friends list for me? It kinda sucked going through Stoph's friends list to get you into that party for TP hah.

  6. what ever happened to the party chat podcast?

  7. The sound quality was too poor. I want to bring it back.