Thursday, January 27, 2011

Achievement Bounty 1-24-2011

Achievement Bounty 1-24-2011 (7) (120GS)
Achievements obtained from Cabela's North American Adventures, DeathSpank, and Microbot.

Completed Game: Cabela's North American Adventures

I'm really glad I picked up DeathSpank during the EA half off marketplace content sale. Hilarious game and easily one of the best XBLA games to date. It has gimped local co-op, but still offers some enjoyment for two. Good stuff and highly recommended just for the dialog.

2011 Stats

Achievements & Gamerscore

Total achievements: 206

Total gamerscore: 4,311

Retail game achievements: 111

Retail game gamerscore: 2,976

Arcade achievements: 39

Arcade gamerscore: 605

DLC achievements: 10

DLC gamerscore: 230

Windows Phone 7 achievements: 56

Windows Phone 7 gamerscore: 730

Kinect achievements: 2

Kinect gamerscore: 50

Achievements from amazing games: 5

Gamerscore from amazing games: 320

Achievements from great games: 24

Gamerscore from great games: 481

Achievements from good games:  35

Gamerscore from good games: 745

Achievements from decent games: 74

Gamerscore from decent games: 1,440

Achievements from bad games: 33

Gamerscore from bad games: 530

Achievements from terrible games: 33

Gamerscore from terrible games: 795
Games Played

Amazing games: Halo: Reach, Red Dead: Redemption

Great games:  NBA 2k11, DJ Hero, Rock Band3, Raskulls, DeathSpank

Good games: Lost Planet 2, Lara Croft: GoL, Project Sunburst (WP7), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Decent games: Games Chest Solitaire (WP7), Revolution (WP7), Kinect Adventures, Karaoke Revolution, Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revolution (WP7), Brick Breaker: Revolution (WP7), Cabela's North American Adventures, Microbot

Bad games: FF: Adrenaline (WP7), Dead Space: Ignition, Women's Murder Club

Terrible games: Turning Point [FR/DE], Family Game Night 3
Completed Games

Overall: (10) Family Game Night 3, FF Adrenaline, Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revolution, Dead Space: Ignition, Women's Murder Club, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, Halo: Reach, Raskulls, Cabela's North American Adventures

Retail: (4) Family Game Night 3, Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, Halo: Reach, Cabela's North American Adventures

Arcade: (3) Golf: Tee It Up!, Dead Space: Ignition, Raskulls

Windows Phone 7: (3) FF Adrenaline, de Blob Revolution, Women's Murder Club

DLC: (1) Endor DLC - Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Amazing games: (1) Halo: Reach

Great games: (1) Raskulls

Good games: (1) Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Decent games: (3) Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revoltion, Cabela's North American Adventures

Bad games: (3) FF Adrenaline, Dead Space: Ignition, Women's Murder Club

Terrible games: (1) Family Game Night 3


  1. I'm curious how you feel about Kinect now. I haven't read your blog in awhile and was surprised to see only one Kinect game played in 2011 (or at least only one game where achievements were unlocked). You seemed much more excited about it a couple months ago.

    I'm not trying to be snarky. I own Kinect myself. So far I've only played Kinect Sports and Your Shape, but like them both. On the other hand, they don't keep calling to me like Halo: Reach.

  2. Fair question. There just seems to be no variety at the moment. Everything is either heavily work out oriented or just a bunch of mini games. I understand with kinect there may never be a huge variety, but they can build on some of the better games, no question. No killer apps...yet. A bunch of middle of the road games in my opinion.

    The fact that it sold a ton gives me hope that it will have a solid future. Overall, I'm very pleased with it. It works well and that was my biggest question going in. I'm giving it a year leash to impressive me with exceptional software.