Saturday, January 22, 2011

Achievement Bounty 1-20-2011

Achievement Bounty 1-20-2011 (5) (355GS)
Achievements obtained from Halo: Reach, Lost Planet 2, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Completed DLC: Star War The Force Unleashed II - Endor DLC

Finally got around to finishing up my Legendary run on Halo: Reach. It was fun and maybe something I needed. Just going back to that sparked my interest up a notch. I know of a challenge I want to do, I'm just not sure tying myself to another one at the moment is the right approach for me. Plus, I may need to start the hurry up offense on some of these games that are on their last leg. The PES 2009 servers are dying soon, along with a laundry list of EA titles. I better make up my mind on that soon or it will be too late.

2011 Stats

Achievements & Gamerscore

Total achievements: 141

Total gamerscore: 2,801

Retail game achievements: 72

Retail game gamerscore: 1,826

Arcade achievements: 27

Arcade gamerscore: 425

DLC achievements: 10

DLC gamerscore: 230

Windows Phone 7 achievements: 42

Windows Phone 7 gamerscore: 550

Kinect achievements: 2

Kinect gamerscore: 50

Achievements from amazing games: 4

Gamerscore from amazing games: 310

Achievements from great games: 20

Gamerscore from great games: 431

Achievements from good games: 24

Gamerscore from good games: 425

Achievements from decent games: 41

Gamerscore from decent games: 565

Achievements from bad games: 17

Gamerscore from bad games: 275

Achievements from terrible games: 33

Gamerscore from terrible games: 795
Games Played

Amazing games: Halo: Reach, Red Dead: Redemption

Great games:  NBA 2k11, DJ Hero, Rock Band 3

Good games: Lost Planet 2, Lara Croft: GoL, Project Sunburst (WP7), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Decent games: Games Chest Solitaire (WP7), Revolution (WP7), Kinect Adventures, Karaoke Revolution, Gold: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revolution (WP7), Brick Breaker: Revolution (WP7)

Bad games: FF: Adrenaline (WP7), Dead Space: Ignition

Terrible games: Turning Point [FR/DE], Family Game Night 3
Completed Games

Overall: (4) Family Game Night 3, FF Adrenaline, Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revolution

Retail: (1) Family Game Night 3

Arcade: (1) Golf: Tee It Up!

Windows Phone 7: (2) FF Adrenaline, de Blob Revolution

DLC: (1) Endor DLC - Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Amazing games:

Great games:

Good games:

Decent games: (2) Golf: Tee It Up!, de Blob Revoltion

Bad games: (1) FF Adrenaline

Terrible games: (1) Family Game Night 3


  1. I have 3 levels left on solo Legendary on Halo Reach for the full 1250g, and I just can't bring myself to finish it lol

  2. What's stopping you? Sick of Halo?

  3. Not sick of Halo at all. I play online every night lol. I hate playing solo legendary.