Sunday, January 16, 2011

Achievement Bounty 1-12-2011

Achievement Bounty 1-12-2011 (8) (115GS)
Achievements obtained from Lara Croft: GoL

I also played some Casltevania HD, not sure what to think about it. Seems a little odd to me. Guess I should have demoed it before purchasing.

2011 Stats

Achievements & Gamerscore

Total achievements:73

Total gamerscore:1,421

Retail game achievements: 56

Retail game gamerscore: 1,236

Arcade achievements: 8

Arcade gamerscore: 115

DLC achievements: 2

DLC gamerscore: 30

Windows Phone 7 achievements: 9

Windows Phone 7 gamerscore: 70

Kinect achievements: 2

Kinect gamerscore: 50

Achievements from amazing games: 1

Gamerscore from amazing games: 25

Achievements from great games: 16

Gamerscore from great games: 336

Achievements from good games: 9

Gamrscore from good games: 125

Achievements from decent games: 12

Gamerscore from decent games: 140

Achievements from terrible games: 33

Gamerscore from terrible games: 795
Games Played

Amazing games: Halo: Reach

Great games:  NBA 2k11, DJ Hero, Rock Band 3

Good games: Lost Planet 2, Lara Croft: GoL

Decent games: Games Chest Solitaire (WP7), Revolution (WP7), Kinect Adventures, Karaoke Revolution

Bad games:

Terrible games: Turning Point [FR/DE], Family Game Night 3
Completed Games

Retail: (1) Family Game Night 3


Windows Phone 7:


Amazing games:

Great games:

Good games:

Decent games

Bad games:

Terrible games: (1) Family Game Night 3

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