Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Racing Game of The Year

There weren't a lot of racing games on the 360 this year but there were some really good ones. I still wonder if fan reaction and sales of Blur and Split/Second were hurt by releasing the same week. Would it have changed your perspective had they been a month apart? Does it matter once you compare either of them to F1 2010 or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit? Find out who won after the break.

Best Racing Game of the Year
Criterion Games

Looking back at the year there weren't a lot of games released in the racing genre but for the most part they were all quality titles even Sega All Stars Racing was a pretty decent cart game. With no Forza or Project Gothem titles in the mix this year it came down to Blur, Split/Second and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Blur was stronger in multi player than Split/Second the opposite can be said about the single player though. All in all those games were close but, Need for Speed snuck in at the end of the year and bested them both. Criterion's first adventure into the Need for Speed franchise show cases their Burnout roots with out stealing the soul of the original Hot Pursuit of my youth. With two solid campaigns Law Enforcement and Racers the game offers plenty of re playability. The multi player expands on both NFS Undercover and Burnout Paradise to create a near perfect cat and mouse experience. There isn't a game listed above I wouldn't recommend and if you are looking for a realistic racing experience check out F1 2010. If there is only room for one racing game in your budget this year pick up Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. You won't be disappointed.

Quotes From the Staff:

Stallion83: The best Need for Speed game yet. Mix Burnout and Need for Speed prior to Shift and this is the result. Highly entertaining in either single or multiplayer. The facebook like presentation is welcome, especially if you have a lot of friends that have the game. My favorite thing is using the turbo power up. They did a great job making it feel like you are traveling at extremely high speeds. The first time I activated turbo, my jaw hit the floor.

StophJ: Possibly the best looking game on the 360 Criterion really brought their "Triple A" game to this one. I would still like to see a sequel to Burnout Paradise first but, I look forward to Criterion's next Need for Speed nearly as much.

Worst Racing Game of the Year

WoO! Sprint Cars a $20 budget title based on a discipline of racing involving short track left handed circles in the dirt. The Cars in this game are extremely hard to control. I assume that is partially due to "realism" and partially to flawed game design. They take the authentic racing action to the next level with the ground breaking wipe your face mask feature. I suppose if you are a fan of the Sprint Car circuit you may love this game. If you are looking for a good racing game or quick and easy achievements avoid it!

Quotes From the Staff:


StophJ: Wooooooooooooooooooo!!! I'm glad that is over is what I said when I was the first to complete it.


  1. Need for Speed is, and always has been, the best :] Good choice!

  2. Except for the past couple years...

  3. Blur and Split Second weren't released the same day they were at least a week apart maybe two. I know because I bought them both the day they came out and it wasn't the same say

  4. Gnarkiller you are right sir it was 7 days apart. my bad.