Friday, December 31, 2010

Nice Knowing Ya 2010

Achievement Bounty 12-30-2010 (7) (235gs)
Achievements obtained from DJ Hero and Alan Wake.

Not a surprise, I played more DJ Hero. The Writer DLC for Alan Wake is great with a pretty good mix of achievements. That's all wrapped up, but I want more. Undead Nightmare for Red Dead might be the greatest piece of DLC ever. I only played about 45 minutes of that, but it is outstanding.....and hilarious. If you like zombies or freaks, (not the whips and chains variety) just go play Undead Nightmare and forget about all those other whack ass zombie games.

Its been a great year for gaming. A ton of quality games came out for everyone to enjoy. I'd say this has been the best year for Microsoft and its system. Xbox LIVE is evolving, but at a snail like pace. There is so much untapped potential, I believe Microsoft is toying with us. The worst part of all, Microsoft can get away with it. They can evolve LIVE at the rate they are comfortable with. There is a set price that millions are already willing to pay for. I don't necessarily like the way it's working out, but I'm in the same boat as everyone else.

What was the biggest update of the fall update? ESPN 3 is cool if you don't have cable or a computer. Avatars look more normal, big whoop! The brains (brainsss!! nom nom) at LIVE are thinking in one dimension, how to make MORE money. We have our avatars fully clothed and a pet of our choice. How much longer will it be until we can purchase a brick house or a trailer for our avatars to live in? (Each priced accordingly) House decor and a car of your choice will also be available. (For even more money) It's going to happen. You won't have to buy anything, but you WILL. Am I going overboard with this and is Xbox LIVE were it needs to be?

I have to admit, I still watch my 500,000 youtube video from time to time just for the music and the memory. It was a mad rush to get a days worth of footage. The amount of energy I was exerting towards reaching that goal was not documented well enough. The days and weeks leading up to it, I was searching for motivation. I found a lot of inspiration in a variety of music. In a way, music did motivate me. I just kept pushing and pushing. I know that sounds retarded, but it's the truth. The dead Rand al Thor 19 ( killing the gamer Rand Al Thor 19 is one of the secret achievements in Undead Nightmare *not the character from some dork ass book I've never read*) told me about some closet haters which may have motivated me as well. Like I can't make a Facebook page. GTFO! I'm not sure what the exact quote was, but some how making a facebook page turns me into an asshole.

I was also accused of "selling out" in 2010 for my endorsement of Xtendplay. The honest truth is that I like it a lot. I had other opportunities but this product works wonders and I really have been using it since the day I got my hands on it. Believe it or not, the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" works in a variety of situations.

I forgot to mention that Dead Rising 2: Case West has some sweet credits. Maybe not Portal sweet, but sweet enough to mention.

Looking to do some damage in 2011. I need to work the body before I can go for the K.O.

Learn from your mistakes because you will make them. More importantly, learn to appreciate.

Have a safe and happy new year. Enjoy your beverage.

All Your Messages Are Belong To ME

Stallion83: Approximately 10 seconds after I posted this I received a message.

Rand al Thor 19 writes: I am feeling the need to whore again dog. I might be coming back. I'm not sure but I feel the pull


  1. Happy New Year!

    In 2011 I will pass you in gamerscore, I'm absolutely sure of it. Seriously.

  2. So does that mean Rand al Thor is sending pictures of his junk to a coworker as well?

  3. Probably just kids he meets while playing kinectimals.

  4. Stallion I saw your review of xtendplay and I decided to look into it. I bought one and now I cant get my hands off of it. Thank you for showing this to the world, I probably would have never seen this without you. Have a great 2011 and try to get 1000000 GS this year!

  5. <3 Happy New Year dude!

  6. L4D2 > Undead Nightmare

  7. That L4D DLC is always rubbish to me. The main game is great though.

  8. God, there's millions of cheaters on the leaderboards all of a sudden. :S