Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Windows Phone Games 12/21/10

There are two new games available for Windows Phone 7 today. Fruit Ninja and Pocket God.

Fruit Ninja
 Fruit Ninja is possibly my favorite phone game of all time. Incredibly simple but addictive finger slashing fun. If you like Fruit Ninja be sure to check out RaSkulls next week on XBLA they were both developed by Halfbrick studios and both delightful games. This game is well worth your $3

Pocket God

Pocket God is a game developed by Bolt Creative in which the player manipulates an island and its inhabitants. It was originally released for the iPhone / iPod Touch

Price: $3


  1. How much is Pocket God? Don't see a price listed for it. Getting a WP7 tomorrow can't wait!