Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Super Sport Pack DLC Review

Yesterday marked the release of the first real downloadable content for our favorite racing game this year. The pack includes new achievements, new cars and new single player races but, is it worth your $7?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Super Sports Pack

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit got its first game add on yesterday in the form of the Super Sports Pack. The pack includes 3 new cars; the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, GUMPERT Apollo S, and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. 13 New single player races and 11 new achievements worth 195 Gamerscore.

The real question is does the DLC really add anything to the games overall experience? Yes and No. The new races are challenging and fun but nothing outside of the standard game play. The new cars are fast and easy to control which is a bonus. They can even be used for some of the original races. Just the name GUMPERT makes playing online with the Apollo S at least twice as fun since you can say things like "Get off my GUMPERT"

All in all if you enjoyed NFS: Hot Pursuit this DLC is well worth it to extend your game play for a few more hours. If you weren't a big fan of the game then this isn't for you.

Recommendation: Buy it


  1. Comma goes before "but." Example: new single player races, but...

    Also, there is no need to repeat "new" in the first paragraph. It's far more simplistic and understandable to write: "The pack includes new achievements, cars and single player races, but is it worth your seven dollars?"

  2. A DLC actually worth the money. No way!

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