Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Music Game of the Year

In a year where music games seem to be taking a nose dive into obscurity there are still plenty of great new games to choose from. Even though sales figures are down the quality and depth to the genre is definitely up.

Best Music Game of the Year

Harmonix did it again this year. Twice really if you include their Kinect masterpiece Dance Central. Where a lot of people felt Rockband 2 was a glorified track pack, Rockband 3 adds not only an all new instrument in the form of the keyboard. It also introduces the Pro Mode for the fake plastic instruments you are accustom to. Pro drums separate your cymbals from the rest of the pads for a more authentic feel. The Fender Mustang pro Guitar adds 120 buttons in the place of the five you are used to to simulate real guitar finger placement. Don't like those cheesy plastic instruments still? pick up a $40 midi adapter and turn your real life instruments into game controllers. Midi adapters currently support most electronic drums and keyboards and, the new Fender Squire Guitar being released in March. Though it may be the weakest track list in the Harmonix arsenal import your songs from the previous games and you'll have months worth of songs to rock to. Harmonix took a solid party game and turned it into a solid music simulator. The best part of it all is the new pro modes don't take anything away from the ease of pick up and play. This game shines for all ages and skill levels and that can't be said about many video games.

Quotes From the Staff:

Stallion83: Regardless of the sales drop off in the music genre, Rock Band 3 is still the game to get the party started.  I personally haven't had the chance to try any of the pro instruments. You have to believe that adds a totally different element to an already remarkable game.

StophJ: As much as I love DJ Hero 2 there is no denying Harmonix dominated the Music game genre this year. I still don't have a pro guitar yet so I haven't had the full experience but I'm blown away by the accuracy of pro drums. Hopefully the sale of Harmonix doesn't deprive the world of games of this quality in the future.

Worst Music Game of the Year
I'm not really sure what to say about this one. It hardly qualifies as a music game it features 4 Rob Zombie songs on loop. more of a spamming of colors on screen then it is a rhythm game. All in all the game is horrible there are a couple funny lines of dialogue but not enough to make it worth while. I'm sure people expected this pick to be Power Gig: Rise of the Six String but aside from the Air strike drum kit it isn't a bad game. Karaoke Revolution also had it's best showing this year after ditching the American Idol moniker.

Quotes From the Staff:

Stallion83: "...        "

StophJ: "Ehh, Multi-player ruined this game for me... but also exposed the ability to just turbo control it to finish the career. if you own a turbo controller and want so quick points rent it. if you don't have a turbo or like completions avoid it."