Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'll Be Cleaning Guts Off My Ghost For Weeks

Achievement Bounty 12-28-2010 (23) (385gs)
Achievements obtained from Star Wars Cantina, Dead Rising 2: Case West, Mass Effect 2, Kinect Adventures, and DJ Hero.

Finished off both Star Wars: Cantina and Mass Effect 2. Star Wars is really easy but you may find a bit of a grind towards the end. Mildly fun for a few hours. The Overlord DLC is all I was missing for a Mass Effect 2 completion. Much better content than I imagined it would be. The reduced holiday price is probably swaying my judgment, but only slightly. Starting to play Kinect again since I'm feeling a million times better in the health department. I fired up Kinect Adventures and made a little progress in that. More DJ Hero also, I'll probably be saying that for a while.

Some Halo: Reach multiplayer was consumed as well. In fact, I played for a few hours. The dude splattering you with a ghost, that was probably me. There is nothing more satisfying than smashing a dude between a rock and the nose of your ghost. In gaming, that is. The splatter kill is still my favorite way to end a life in the Halo universe. One change I would like to see in the future creation of the ghost. Make it hot pink. Purple is not girlie enough.


  1. This made me laugh. I have been playing the hell out of Big Team Battle on Reach cause I love splattering people lol. I always grabbed the ghost on Halo 3 too.Nothing like a good ol splatter spree, but that crap armor lock always ruins the fun.

  2. I got owned a few times by armor lock. I'm aware at all times now and have adjusted my method to mayhem accordingly.