Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Person Shooter of the Year

In a year of extremely solid first person shooters, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops, it was hard to decide on what stood out as the best. Luckily the worst of was a clear cut choice. Check out the winner and losers after the break.

First Person Shooter of the Year

Halo Reach didn't reinvent the genre like Halo: Combat Evolved did back in 2001 but, it excelled in nearly every game play feature. Strong Solo and Co-op campaigns seemingly limitless multi player with the forge level editor. The value on the disc is unmatched. Add in map pack support this game should stay in your rotation for the long haul. It's unlikely anyone reading this hasn't played it already but Halo: Reach is a great value for any video game enthusiast. If you haven't played it already pick it up and if the first game mode isn't for you try another one. There is something here for all of us.

Quotes From the Staff:

Stallion83 - Bungie most definitely went out with a bang with the Halo franchise. If I could only keep a single game for the rest of my life, I would choose Halo: Reach because of the multi player. The options are almost endless . So much depth and customization that it will make your head spin. The most bang for your buck. Amazing game.

StophJ: I am not a Halo fan boy I prefer Battlefield in nearly every way but the campaign and co-op in Reach is head and shoulders above any of this years military shooters. I am really looking forward to seeing where Bungie will go from here. Hopefully it lives up to or exceeds their industry leading high standards.

Worst First Person Shooter of the Year
Sega of America

Aliens vs. Predator was an easy choice for the worst FPS of the year. partially cause all of the others were really solid but mostly because AVP was a turd someone forgot to polish. The game offered 3 separate campaigns of mediocrity and broken multi player. Add the extremely dark lighting (there is a difference between dramatic effect and unplayable.) and poor in game direction this game isn't worth your time. If you haven't played it yet avoid it. If you do play it don't say we didn't warn you.

Stallion83: The horrible movie was 1000 times more entertaining.

StophJ: If you ever put a game in because someone can't find a sixth person playing it there may be a reason for the that. I should have avoided this one.


  1. Aww c'omn AvP really? I can thinkof quite a few that a worse

    /me a sad panda


  2. Good ol' Halo, we (especially I) love you. I imagine several CoD fans will speak up against that decision though.

  3. I'm a true Halo Fan but have played more Black-Ops. That armor lock crap ruins things that I like to do on Multiplayer like throwing stickies and using the ghost. Its too overpowering and most people use it.

  4. SuperEugene41 - Halo 3 is 100X better than reach, black ops had to be GOTY in my opinion!

  5. I think Black ops was the better game over Halo Reach although both are great.

  6. I am or should I say, was a Halo Fanboy at one point in my life. In fact, my whole gaming group played Halo almost exclusively from 2004 to 2008 or until COD really hit. I cant get those guys to play reach anymore because COD has ruined them.