Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

Now whip it - into shape - shape it up
Kinect really does work and so does this game. However, there are a couple of problems with kinect itself and this particular game. You need a lot of room space to play kinect. The ideal amount would be 10 x 10 space. The perfect placement for kinect might also take some trial and error. I have my kinect sensor placed about 3 feet off of the ground and The Biggest Loser requires you to do floor exercises. I had a hard time getting kinect to track me while I was on all fours. Maybe not a deal buster, but it was frustrating during the challenge games.

The Biggest Loser also has a horrible menu system. I hope this is game specific menu fail, if not, every kinect game is going to be a pain to navigate. It will take you a good 20 minutes to figure out what is going on, which is unacceptable. I felt blind for those first 20 minutes.

You start the game out by doing a training lesson with a virtual trainer to see how fit you are. It will then recommend the difficulty you should proceed at. The difficulty ranges from light, moderate, challenging, hard, or intense. You can also setup your exercise program to target specific areas of your body. Arms and chest, core, butt, legs, or full body. After you do that, you will go into this full body scan mode. It basically gets your measurements which you can tune afterwards if something is off. Supposedly you can go back and get your body scanned again. That way it can tell if your body shape has improved.

It has over 120 exercises to choose from and only five actual "games." It is more of an exercise program than a game. You do get graded on how well you execute the routines. Most importantly, The Biggest Loser will teach you how to perfect the techniques of each exercise.

Back to the "games" which are called challenges. This is where you compete against the other Biggest Loser contestants. To complete the challenges you have to do certain exercises depending on the difficulty selected. For instance, one challenge you have to get a cannon up a hill and fire it off. While playing on intense, I had to do sumo jumping jacks to get the cannon to the top of the hill. Once at the top, you have to do speed bag punches to fire the cannon off. Fastest time wins the round, followed by an elimination, (bottom four of eight ) and each game consists of 3 rounds. After one challenge of doing countless sumo jumping jacks and punching as fast as you can for about 3 minutes straight, good luck doing anything else. This game will help you get into shape if you stick with a program tailored to your needs, that I know.

If you are in shape or skinny it is hard to win The Biggest Loser competition. It is probably better if you fib on your weight and make it higher if you are slimmer. During weight-ins, you can lie about how much weight you lost during the week.

It does have multiplayer modes which I did not get a chance to try. So in theory you can get a workout partner over live and do routines together. The online could be a paradise for single men or the unfaithful.

It also uses the kinect voice recognition feature sparingly. The virtual trainer will ask you questions in the middle of a routine. Like, "getting tired" or "do you need a break." That works like a charm.

The game will take at least 24 hours to complete since it has an achievement for that amount of time spent exercising. The burn 25,000 calories achievement will be the toughest I believe. It will make you shed pounds.....seriously. As for the 12 weeks achievement, you can set it up for 2 routines a week for quickness. You can also go offline and change the date in your system settings to advance time. Not really an easy game for precious gamerscore. Although, you will get the benefit of health if you choose to take it on. Good luck playing another kinect game after playing this for 45 minutes or more.

If you are looking to lose weight, give this game a look. If you are looking for a fun game, skip it. It really does give you good guidance to meet your fitness goals, not to mention, having tons of exercises to choose from. I can 100% guarantee it will get you into shape if used properly. It was hard to put a score on this game. Very good exercise program, but actual gaming was not tied in so well.

Score: 6.2 Decent


The Good:
Will challenge you physically
If you stick with a schedule, you will lose a ton of weight.
Work out routines for everyone. Young or old. Fat or skinny.

The Bad:
Not a fun is not really a game.
The menu system is hard to navigate. I did not want to even bother making my character look proper. It would take too long.
Problems tracking you while on the ground
You can cheat the game during weekly weight in


  1. Nice to see you properly review a game. I am surprised this game has done as well as you say it has, it looks like the future is bright for Kinect.

    More reviews when you have time please. :)

  2. I agree dude I think you should review every game you play you did a hell of a lot better then a most gaming websites and I think you have the resume! Anyways thanks and good luck keep up the great work!

  3. I'm pretty reluctant on the whole motion control idea. I absolutely love Mario and Zelda games but refuse to get a Wii but if Kinect is handled properly and most of your reviews of it range from decent to better than, then I may actually consider it in the near future. I kinda do wanna play Sonic Free Riders anyway. Great review, man. It's crazy how you find all this spare time to do cool things for your site when you are aiming for such high goals. Keep it up.

  4. You've been incredibly active lately Stallion, keep it up.

    But I'll keep my 360 as my gaming system. The moment my Wii fit told me I was obese one too many times, I exacted revenge on it by letting it rot on the side of my tv.

    I'll show *you* active.

  5. Are you going to try the Ubisoft Fitness Evolved I think it's called?

  6. I heard the fitness evolved game is better, I wouldn't know cus Gamefly screwed me.

  7. I'm too lazy for this. Good to hear that the thing works though, promising for some future games.

  8. Looks like you totally missed the point with this game.

  9. I use this game/fitness program and it works great.
    No problems at all, take your time to set up Kinect properly in the first place and you will get great results.

    I rate it at 8.5/10

  10. I bought mine for fitness reasons, and after owning can completely agree with this review. It is too easy to cheat it, the menu system is HORRIBLE. Takes terribly long to accomplish anything. Like a recipe has the ingredients, the instructions, and the nutrition info all separate so you have to go back on the menu to see the next item. It is just clumsy!

    BUT it does work like a trainer if you stick to your workout routine. I sweat and have decided to not worry so much about the score since the reader has difficulty when you are on the floor or when you are not at the right angle to the sensor. I continue to use it and be happy with the workout motivation but not as robust as I had hoped. Still think the Wii fit wins right now.

  11. Does anyone know how to get the Biggest Loser game on Kinect to acknowledge LATERAL LUNGES WITH ARM REACHES??? I cannot beat one of the challenges without it! help!

  12. Am i missing something can a 'bad' point of a fitness programme be that it's 'not a fun game'? You're right, it's not a game and i'm pretty sure it's not trying to be one. It's like complaining cheese doesn't taste of toothpaste. Plus, if the fact that you 'can cheat the weight in' (i think you mean weigh in?)is a bad point, it's really more a bad point about you as if you were using this programme for it's intended purpose, you wouldn't want to cheat.