Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush

 Backyard  Sports Football: Rookie Rush is the sequel to one of the easiest gamerscore games found on the Xbox 360. You could literally get all the achievements in 10 minutes or less in the first one. How does Rookie Rush fair?
Not too bad at all. It's a kid friendly version of Blitz. Very simple and easy to control and play. Graphics get the job done I suppose, but it looks like an XBLA title.
There are a few game modes to choose from but most offer only skimpy bits. The meat is found in the story mode but it will not fill you up. The climb to the top of  story mode only consists of about 10 games. You can make it as long or as short as you want (1-5 mintues) by changing the quarter length before you start it up.

My favorite feature is the power-ups you gain during gameplay by doing good. More specifically, the stinky britches power-up and the ice cream truck music power-up. Stinky britches is what you might expect. You take a shit in your pants so the other players on the field want to avoid you at all costs. That might be worth the price of admission depending on your maturity level. Ice cream truck music power-up sends the players into a crazy frenzy, they just start running around in circles. There are about 8 other power-ups to obtain but none are nearly as dope.

Not nearly as quick as the first game but still a piece of pie. You're looking at 5 hours MAX for the full 1,000 gamerscore points. Most of the time is spent in story mode, which I recommend starting first and setting the quarters to 1 minute length. The tournaments and season mode can be simulated if you choose to do so. For season mode, make sure you select all teams controlled by the user before you simulate. That should net you all season achievements, it worked for me.
Not enough junk in the trunk to be a retail title at $29.99. It would have been a perfect Xbox Live Arcade title. Give it a glance if you are looking for some quick gamerscore points or if you have a child under 10 years of age. I did not hate my time spent with it, actually had a little bit of fun.

SCORE: 5.2 Decent


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  2. Did you shake it up really good? The little cans seem less like liquid ketchup.