Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Already? Get Your Smackaroos Ready

Achievement Bounty 11-1-2010 (20) (379gs)
Achievements obtained from Fable III and Rock Band 3.

Sorry for the lack of meat and potatoes in my updates. I've been busy answering messages on Xbox live. I probably hold the Guinness World Record for most messages sent over Xbox Live. That one would be a tad difficult to prove though.

The tiny bit of Rock Band 3 I played was very enjoyable. You probably won't' find much enjoyment solo. So get some friends or family together for a good time. Xbox live friends work too since it has online play, which I did not try. The achievements look like they will take a good amount of time and effort to complete. Not to mention, all the new pro equipment that is needed will set you back a few smackaroos.

I said Kinect would be my activate button a month or so ago. I just need something new and different to keep the motor going. I will find out in a little bit if that holds true.


  1. Kinect is going to be as different as it's going to get, achievement wise. Unless you really want a windows phone. Played with both at the MS store in San Diego. Neither are necessarily my cup of tea.

  2. How can he has Detente as Zone?

  3. The windwos phone rules. I've played with it and i'm getting one

  4. The biggest loser may not be my activate button. I'll reveal more tomorrow at midnight. It's not a bad game, just a little FYI.

  5. Are you going to be getting Windows Phone 7 Cheevos?