Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grab The Fruit

 Day 9 of Achievement Leapfrog
At least 23 achievements needed

Achievement Bounty 11-9-2010 (23) (325gs)
Day 9 of Achievement Leapfrog
23 Achievements
325 Gamerscore

Still going strong but not exactly blazing the trail. It will start getting tough for me any day now and I may fold like a deck of cards. Still holding onto that get out of jail free card just in case I stumble. I get another one once day 14 rolls around. I would like to keep leapfrog going for the entire month of November. Probably not possible because I'm not in overkill mode....yet. I'm currently smacking the bottom of a tree waiting for the fruit to fall. I need to climb up and grab that fruit. Who knows, it might be smooth sailing once my Samsung Focus Windows 7 phone arrives. I know it won't hurt.

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