Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gift Ideas Under $75

Looking to pick up a hot new release to brighten someones holiday season you may want to consider these.

Enslaved: $60
Enslaved is the sleeper hit of the year. It starts a little slow but steps it up big in one of the best story driven games on the Xbox 360. You can probably find it cheaper but no matter the price it's worth it.

New Xbox 360 Controller with Convertible D-Pad: $65

Everyone could use an extra controller. Why not get the one with the new limited edition directional pad and grey buttons. The bundle includes the Stylish Grey Controller, Rechargeable Battery and Play and Charge Cable.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit: $60

Possibly the best racing game of 2010. Created by Critereon Games this game is more in the lineage of Burnout Paradise than the previous Need For Speed offerings. Should be a safe bet for any racing game fan.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood $60

Though it isn't a full sequel to Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood picks up right where AC:2 left off. With a solid 15 hours of single player game play and the addition of new multi player game modes for the first time in the franchise. You will definitely get your money's worth on this one.

Call of Duty: Black Ops $60

The hottest thing going in multi-player. Call of Duty returns with its seventh iteration. The story is strong the game play is crisp and the online is plentiful. Chances are everyone already has it but if they don't you won't disappoint them with this game.

Dance Central: $50

Kinect's killer app brings the dance club to your living room. Sure it's a little embarrassing at first but it's pretty hard not to have fun with it. It's better with a crowd but still offers solid entertainment and a good workout by yourself.

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