Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gift Ideas under $30

If you are looking for a gift on a budget or a stocking stuffer these items are sure to please.

XtendPlay: $19.99

Let me be the first to say that this is one awesome accessory. It basically holds the controller for you so you can focus more on button manipulation and gameplay. XtendPlay is also very comfy compared to that hard plastic found on your controller. The best part of all, no more tired hands, which lets you play better. I can play at a higher level and feel relaxed while doing so.

Visit the newly opened website for more info.

One of my favorites for game of the year Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest RPG's ever made. You should get a solid 60 hours out of the package. Even if you haven't played the original Mass Effect you can hop right in to this one. If you have played the original the sequel will import a ton of game data from the first to custom tailor your story based off your decisions in the first game.

This is possibly the best option for making your Xbox Live Gamertag
 portable. I use my to switch between my consoles from all around the world. It's also useful for switching from bedroom to living room. You should be able to snag an 8GB version online for $30. or step it up to a 16GB for $50.
Model Number: USM8GL

BioShock 2: $30

Another sequel on the list, another outstanding game. Though Bioshock 2 left me a little disappointed when compared to the experience of the first game it still is head an shoulders above 90% of the other offerings on the market this one should find its way into your collection.

Microsoft Points: $20

A 1600 point Microsoft point card can bring joy to any Internet connected gamer. You can use the points to download full games or add ons. You can even buy fake clothes for the avatar version of yourself if you are into that sort of thing. I recommend picking up Limbo or Super Meat Boy with your points. Also look for Raskulls sometime before Christmas. I promise it's well worth the point investment.

Darksiders: $20

One of the best new franchises of the year along side Enslaved and Alan Wake. Darksiders surprises with Zelda-esq game play and epic boss battles. It was released early in the year so holiday gift buyers benefit from the price drops. Still getting a great game now as a budget title.

Xbox 360 Energizer Power and Play Charging System - BlackThis thing is pretty great i recently picked one up and have been delighted by it's functionality and style. It will rapidly charge 2 controllers and a wireless headset keeping you going for not stop gaming action. not only is it functional it is also stylish. i don't feel bad having it out in plain sight.


  1. ^right ok...

    Charge station looks good man, might have to hunt me down one of those :)

  2. Awesomesauce. I might go and try Mass Effect 2.

  3. Charge station is not good. It will end up eventually exploding battery acid all inside your controller. Seriously thought it was a fluke and then it happened again.

  4. D Fineout, What kind of batteries are you using? I've had mine for a year with no problems. I'm using the Microsoft OEM rechargable battery packs.