Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Game Within The Game, Within The Game

Achievement Bounty 11-5-2010 (29) (580gs)

Achievements obtained from EA Sports MMA and Backyard Football: Rookie Rush.

I am going to change the way I do the leapfrogs. If I go over the amount of achievements I need for the day, it does not hurt me. The achievement total I need for each day only goes up one no matter what, like 15,16,17,18,19 ect. The base starting out is 15. I feel like the other way is restricting me because I do not want to shoot myself in the foot and go way over my mark. I feel like it's holding me back. 

I am also giving myself get out of jail free cards. One to start off with and one every 14 days. This will obviously help me keep it going which equals better results in the long run.

Thanks for sending links to leapfrog pictures, much appreciated.

Day 5 of achievement leapfrog:
Needed 19
Achievements 29
Gamerscore 580


  1. And I thought *I* thought I set high standards for myself. Leapfrog doesn't sound easy at all.


  3. wut the hell are you talkin about??

  4. What is achievement leapfrog? Where I try to beat my previous day achievement total for as many consecutive days as possible. This time with a twist.

  5. The new rules you've set for yourself seem much more forgiving, and they'll allow you to continue leapfrogging much longer this time.

    You'd have to get 30 today otherwise!

    Best of luck with this leapfrog. Hopefully you can get up to 100 days!

    I haven't seen you mention the x360a GSL in awhile. Your team seems to be doing pretty good. Almost at the 3rd spot. Are you guys still hoping to get into second place by the end?

    One more question, I've noticed that you guys haven't done a podcast in quite awhile, which is too bad. I found that to be really enjoyable. Any plans to continue the podcast or has that ended?

  6. The GSL wrapped up on November 1. We ended up getting 4th the place. Oh well.

    I want to continue with the podcast, not sure when it will be back.