Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 27 of Achievement Leapfrog: The End

Day 27 of achievement leapfrog
At least 41 achievements needed
+27 day total
Achievement Bounty 11-27-2010 (4) (80gs)

Achievements obtained from NBA JAM.

 The leapfrog is dead!

Day 27 of achievement leapfrog
4 achievements
80 gamerscore

27 day total
708 achievements
13,479 gamerscore

I kind of just quit while I was ahead. Sure, it would have been nice to go for the entire month of November. I just needed to relax a little. I have some new goals and some new challenges in mind for the future. After the last leapfrog, I fell into a funk. I don't believe that will happen again and that's one of the main reasons why I'm taking a brief chill pill. All in all, I am very happy with this leapfrog run. It gave me quite the jump towards 600,000.

For comparison sake, the first leapfrog run was.
15 days
538 achievements
12,085 gamerscore


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