Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 19 of Achievement Leapfrog

Day 19 of achievement leapfrog
At least 33 achievements needed

Achievement Bounty 11-19-2010 (33) (455gs)

Achievements obtained from Kinectimals, Flight Control (WP7), Monopoly (WP7), and The Oregon Trail (WP7).

Day 19 of achievement leapfrog
33 achievements
455 gamerscore

The Windows phone 7 is saving my hind end in a big way. Good thing I really enjoy the games on it. Oregon Trail ftw! Flight Control is also very addicting. In fact, a lot better than some of the stuff found on XBLA. Because of the phone, I won't mind getting dragged around shopping during the holidays. I'll just park my ass on a bench and nod to whatever is going on. For instance, the dreaded "Do these shoes match this shirt?" I may break my neck nodding. Busta Rhymes anticipated this years ago.

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