Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ultimate Challenge

Achievement Bounty 10-3-2010 (29) (625GS)
Still moving along with the idea I had about topping my daily achievement total by at least 1. I really enjoy it, brought me back from the dead.

Breakdown so far:

DAY 1:
25 Achievements
506 Gamerscore
Day 2:
28 Achievements
941 Gamerscore
Day 3:
29 Achievements
625 Gamerscore

I need at least 30 tomorrow to keep it alive.

The ultimate challenge would be to start at a base of 20 achievements and 500 gamerscore. Try topping both achievement and gamerscore daily totals for as many days possible. On top of that, completing a game everyday in the process. If you can go for an entire month, you get a cookie. If you do the minimum and go up 1 achievement per day, you will still need around 1,050 total achievements in one month. I was almost crazy enough to try, but for now, I will stick with what I'm doing.


  1. This should help you out in the gamerscore league, although those two teams at the top are caning it!

  2. I will try this now. A good way to stay motivated when things are Now to blitz to `100k

  3. Your so close to 500k. Glad you found some motivation. When I reached 50k last November I quit for like 8 months. Just started whoring a little again. Good luck.