Friday, October 22, 2010

Still Stuck In Neutral

Achievement Bounty 10-21-2010 (4) (80GS)
I never really got into 1st gear like I had planned. I can feel the urge coming back, it's just a matter of when. The new look of is taking a while to grow on me. I do like the ability to customize my avatar,  but everything else just seems odd. Maybe change is hard for some people to deal with. Soon we may completely forget about the old look. has gone through many changes and I personally don't remember exactly what it looked like a few years ago.

All Your Message Are Belong To Me

Whiskey Daniels says: hey, go cut your hair you vincent chase wannabe looking ***

S83: Is that suppose to be an insult? Comparing me to a movie star that gets all the ladies....thanks!

TheSirdraven says: Just read about you in a National Newspaper here in England, thats some going to get mentioned in a overseas paper on the basis of your Gamerscore. Awesome work.


  1. Wait, what newspaper was that? I want to buy it.

  2. Was it the October 22nd one or earlier?

  3. I think the 22nd. The guy that was telling me about it said they do game reviews every Friday. It's in that one.


    Link to picture of it

  5. Alright thanks for the info. Also, thanks for the picture :)

  6. Us Liverpool fans don't buy the sun, otherwise i would have seen this.

    The Sun are scum bags IMO and in every Liverpool fans opinion. It's nice that words got around though ;)