Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Runway Is Clear For Landing

Achievement Bounty for 10-1-2010

Starting to pick up the pace a little more now. I'm going to try and beat my previous daily achievement totals for a few days. I started out a little too high (25) to keep upping myself for a long period of time. I'm always trying to find a different angle to keep myself interested. Finally have my gamerscore back to an even number thanks to Summer Athletics, which I had to sacrifice completing all the achievements in so my score stays even-steven. Now I can hit 500,000 on the dot here in a few weeks. It's  been odd for far too long.

Got bored of Dead Rising 2 a lot quicker than expected. It's a been there, done that, sort of feeling that has pushed me away. It's a very enjoyable game, but I need to give it a rest. The onslaught of new releases continues next week. Nba2k11 is getting remarkable reviews over the internet, which is awesome. But if the online play is broken out of the box, there will be hell to pay.

 All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

DubNut86 writes: That Intro on the Podcast drags on for so long mate, and Rand should of been a woman! He talks so much haha!

S83: Wandy Thor IS a little gossip girl, no doubt. I think he cuts hair for a living......ball hair. Good point about the intro, which I agree with.

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