Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nice People Do Exist

Achievement Bounty 10-18-210 (5) (90GS)
Still recovering from the past couple of weeks so expect to see slimmer bounties for a little while.

All Your Messages Are Belong to Me - Xbox LIVE Messages Of The Day

Montana97 says:  congratulations from all us aussie gamers bro. glad i stayed up for it. you are an inspiration to all of us worldwide. just think in years to come maybe people will say "where were you when stallion hit half a mill"

Synonymble says: Congratulations from Scotland, the record books await

FK666 says: congratulations for your great gamescore from Euskadi in the nort of spain see you when you have a millon

CLEM1000 says: Hi ! i'm juste a french gamer from Paris & i heard about your Gscore ..juste confretulation guy !
(sorry for my bad english ..)


xLsWx says: Hullo from the rainy shores of UK. You make my life convincing pupils that professional gaming is difficult hard!. Congratulations on your recent 500k, been directed to your blog and makes an interesting read, good luck with the aim to achieve 1mil.

Badazz NL says: Nice work man with the gamerscore, you're world fames!!! Go for 1.000.000 Greats Badazz NL from the Netherlands

JOAO LOPES PT says: congratulations from portugal ,you are famous around here.
great work, keep going to 100000000000000,lol gamerscore. once again congrtulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lavca 0719 says: hello. i knew you in news. support you:) from Japan

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  1. Haha, these messages are pretty awesome. :P