Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Never Give Up

Achievement Bounty 10-4-2010 (30) (485GS)

DAY 1:
25 Achievements
506 Gamerscore
Day 2:
28 Achievements
941 Gamerscore
Day 3:
29 Achievements
625 Gamerscore
Day 4:
30 Achievements
485 Gamerscore

Achievement streak still alive. I need at least 31 tomorrow to keep it going.

It finally feels like I'm contributing in the x360a gamerscore league. I just took a look at the scores and we are getting destroyed. 25 days left to chip away at a 54,000 point margin. First place might be out of the cards for us, but I think we can give second place a good run. Tomorrow, NBA2k11! Jordan is dead meat. It seems Rand al thor 19 is putting his 5 D's in dodgeball to use. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge! I'm still waiting for him to man up and accept my challenge, Kobe vs Jordan. If you see someone driving down the interstate in a white Bronco on the news, it's probably Rand, running from me.


  1. Keep it up and good luck on the 2nd place.

  2. "...we are getting destroyed..."

    I don't get your sentence...

  3. We are right behind you!!!!! I have found new motivation so watch out Up, down left right, will find a way to pull ahead