Saturday, October 16, 2010

Losing My Hops

Achievement Bounty 10-15-2010 (45) (753GS)
Day 15 of Achievement Leapfrog
45 Achievements
753 Gamerscore

The 15 day breakdown which helped me get 500,000 in a hurry.

DAY 1:
25 Achievements
506 Gamerscore
Day 2:
28 Achievements
941 Gamerscore
Day 3:
29 Achievements
625 Gamerscore
Day 4:
30 Achievements
485 Gamerscore
Day 5:
33 Achievements
640 Gamerscore
Day 6:
34 Achievements
765 Gamerscore
Day 7:
35 Achievements
800 Gamerscore
Day 8:
36 Achievements
985 Gamerscore
Day 9:
38 Achievements
695 Gamerscore


Day 10:
39 Achievements
680 Gamerscore
Day 11:
40 Achievements
1370 Gamerscore
Day 12:
41 Achievements
1,030 Gamerscore
Day 13:
42 Achievements
865 Gamerscore
Day 14:
43 Achievements
945 Gamerscore
Day 15:
45 Achievements
753 Gamerscore

This could very well be my last day of achievement leapfrog, I don't think I can muster up the will to get 46 today.

What is achievement leapfrog? Where I try to beat my previous achievement total for as many consecutive days as possible. Today I will need at least 46 to continue.

I planned on streaming 500,000 live but I could not get it working properly. I still need to do some tinkering, but if you want to watch live streams in the future. Check out: StallionTV

I will also be doing achievement videos really soon that should help with pesky achievements that may be giving you problems. I've been cooking up ideas for weeks on how to make this blog better and to actually provide useful information. Hopefully some of that will come to fruition. To keep up to date check me out on Twitter or Facebook

Day In The Life will come back, just trying to figure out when it will be useful.


  1. really appreciate the improvements you made to your blog, it used to be rubbish, now we get daily updates and a lot more content :)

  2. I don't think I could manage such a streak for lack of drive and lack of time. Last month I finished 9 games in 9 days but most of them were old games I was nearly done with anyway. Keep up the good work.