Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Final Ribbit

Achievement Bounty 10-16-2010 (19) (320GS)
Tuesday will be the return of "A Day In The Life."  I'll be playing Fallout New Vegas and giving my up to the minute thoughts on it. In the next couple of weeks expect to see achievement video guides as a day in the life is taking place, mini reviews that will come after a day in the life (The time frame when those go up depends on how long a certain game is), and if my bandwidth can hold up, live streams. This Tuesday is going to be text only, as I'm waiting for my other capture card to arrive.

Leapfrog is dead and I'm sort of relieved that it's over. I'm glad I did it, had me going at a good pace and helped me get to 500,000. Now I can get back to playing the way I want to. I should still be popping at a fairly high rate over the next couple of weeks.
15 day grand total for Achievement Leapfrog
538 Achievements
12,085 Gamerscore


  1. well done stallion, here's to the next 100k

  2. you don't realize it now -- in 10 years you will look back and say to yourself "what the hell was I thinking"

    I love video games too -- but dear god, go outside, talk to a girl, exercise. I guarantee you that even those that congratulate you have a moment's thought of "dear god this kid is nuts"

    For all the time you are investing -- it won't do anything to impress women and you can't put it down on your resume.

    Just Sayin'

  3. @guy above

    He has a girlfriend, and he probably exercises more than you do. Blindly making assumptions is a ridiculous thing to do that only proves how ignorant YOU are.

  4. @fordicus
    Well said! I have respect for Stallion, he has set himself a goal he wishes to achieve and is going for it, how many people sick to such goals!
    Like Stallion has said, it's all about consistency! He never says it's about sitting on his xbox 24/7. If you just going for achievements and good game plan can easily cut down the time it takes to complete!

    Well Done Stallion!