Friday, October 1, 2010

Kinect Could Be My Activate Button

500,000 is so close I can almost taste it. At this point, I just need to reach out and grab it. Today I had high hopes of getting at least a couple thousand points under my belt. I obviously came up way short of that. For the last couple of weeks, I've been telling myself, "tomorrow." Maybe all the hate that suddenly stopped motivated me. Maybe I'm just broken from gaming overload. Maybe all these years of depriving myself of sleep is catching up to me. Try not to laugh, my activate button could very well be kinect. Done laughing yet? I've put a bazillion hours into Xbox 360 gaming, I just need a curveball, a little varity.

Before I throw this out there and act like a know it all. I have some pretty good tips on exercising, eating healthy, and tips for teens.

Healthy Eating Tip: Pretty basic stuff here, instead of eating 3 large meals a day, eat smaller meals more frequently, around four hours. Example portion: Meal # 1: Bowl of oatmeal &Toast - Meal #2: Turkey sandwich & banana.

Let me know if you don't like these tips. Yo, Stallion! That be stoopid! Talk about games. JERK!


  1. the reason you want multiple smaller meals is because it keeps your metabolism from going into starvation mode. the key to losing weight and keeping it up is to keep your metabolism rate high. I also recommend Green Tea Extract.

  2. Eating less isn't healthy, eating a balenced diet is. Go for the same 3 meal portions but go for a much healthier option.

  3. What Stallion is saying is that you should still eat the same amount of food you should eat a day based on your calorie intake, but just eat smaller portions throughout the day so that your metabolism can keep up. Example: Eating a huge roast beef, mashed potato, pumpkin pie dinner all at once is not healthy. Eat more sensibly and in smaller amounts more frequently.