Saturday, October 9, 2010

Enslaved = Sleeper Hit of The Year

Achievement Bounty 10-9-2010 (38) (695GS)
Enslaved was just excellent, sucked me right in from beginning to end. It has a little bit of something for everyone. Hack n slash, clambering, shooting, platforming, puzzles, and exploration. It uses the unreal engine, so it looks a lot like Gears of War and even has a Gears inspired section of a level. Speaking of inspired, the game I would compare it to the most is Prince of Persia. Enslave features great voice acting and lots of humor that had me giggling like a school girl.

Sleeper hit of the year for me, just nipping Darksiders by the slimmest of margins. It might not be perfect, it may not even be great, but it's one fun ride worth taking. It oozes untapped potential which sets up a sequel perfectly.

Overall Rating 8.3

Stallion Certified Top 10 Xbox 360 game of 2010. Oct. 9, 2010

Breakdown of the Achievement Leapfrog challenge so far.

What the challenge is: I'm trying to beat my previous daily achievement total for as long as possible.

DAY 1:
25 Achievements
506 Gamerscore
Day 2:
28 Achievements
941 Gamerscore
Day 3:
29 Achievements
625 Gamerscore
Day 4:
30 Achievements
485 Gamerscore
Day 5:
33 Achievements
640 Gamerscore
Day 6:
34 Achievements
765 Gamerscore
Day 7:
35 Achievements
800 Gamerscore
Day 8:
36 Achievements
985 Gamerscore
Day 9:
38 Achievements
695 Gamerscore

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  1. I LOVED this game. Total marathon session. I did an advance review of the PS3 version, gave it an 8.5. Would have been higher save for replay factor -- supposed to be DLC on the way, though; parallel or prequel episode starring Pigsy; so says Bandai Namco, anyway -- and there's no Dolby D or DTS audio production on the PS3 version. Only LPCM 2-channel or LPCM 5.1-channel. Of course neither my Onkyo nor my Astro digital surround decoder support LPCM 5.1-channel. Like there's room on the Blu-ray for an uncompressed 5.1 audio production but not for Dolby D? Oh well, I figure shipping timeframe issues. And technically there is 5.1 digital on it, and Sony doesn't require Dolby D to certify a game like MS does. But now I truly feel the pain of all the Orange Box PS3 owners with Dolby D receivers but no DTS support.