Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day In The Life

A day long running blog. Refresh for latest updates.

10:21PM -- Trying to get back to everyone that sent me a message.

10:07PM -- 44 for the day, leapfrog safe. DEAD.

8:13Pm -- Probably my last day of achievement leapfrog. I don't know if I can hang any longer.

8:02PM -- Miss Mittens just meowed twice. Means she is ready for world domination.

7:49PM -- 5 more then a shower, I need the steamy hot water to penetrate my skull.

6:38PM -- 15 more achievements and I can relax and have a V8 toast.

6:16PM -- Trying hard to keep leapfrog alive, I'm just fatigued.

5:51PM -- Still grinding away. I left details out today, my brain needed a break from details.

3:38PM -- Video posted. I guess I better get to work if I want to keep leapfrog going.

3:10PM -- uploading takes forever.

2:46PM -- Video done, about to upload it.

1:43PM -- (1) for (30gs) in KR. The march towards 1 million has begun.

1:40PM -- Letting KR run while I do this. Still need a butt load of achievements if I want to keep leapfrog going.

12:57PM -- Time to cross over to beyond half way. Still tweeking with this video, I have a mess going.

12:32PM -- Thanks to everyone that sent me a message. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

11:12AM -- Still going to continue on with the leapfrog, a ways to go for the day. The video is a whole 37 seconds long so far. 

10:36AM -- This is going to take a while.

10:04AM -- working on a video

9:51AM -- Half way home. I still have a long road ahead.

9:49AM -- YO Cindy! I did it!

9:43AM -- Victory! (1) for (20gs) 500,000 on the dot.

9:30AM -- (1) for (15GS) in W & G. 20 points away.

9:25AM -- (1) for (10GS)in skyheroes. Back on track, loading W&G back up.

9:23AM -- Loading my Mysims Skyheroes.

9:21AM -- (1) for (5gs) in KR. 45 to go.

9:15AM -- I guess that's what I get for not paying attention. Putting KR back in.

9:09AM -- I managed to miss an achievement which messed up my plan.

9:01AM -- (1) for (15gs). 50 points away.

8:50AM -- Had half of a blue-berry bagel. Here we go.

8:39AM -- (4) for (65gs) in W & G. 65 to go. Getting more coffee, water, and something to eat. Gotta let this soak in for a minute.

8:10AM -- (2) for (35gs) in W & G. 130 to go.

7:44AM -- Wallce & Gromit Episode 4 downloaded. It's time.

7:39AM -- I will have to avoid Possum like the plague. She has a good cold coming on, last time she got me sick by "accidentally" kissing me.

7:35AM -- (1) for (5GS) in Karaoke Revolution. 165 to go.

7:32AM -- Downloading an arcade game, drinking some coffee, and turning on Karaoke Revolution.

7:25AM -- Figured out my path, I should hit 500k on the dot less than 2 hours from now.

7:20AM -- Trying to figure out what to play.

7:12AM -- Checking Xbox messages while that brews.

7:03AM -- I have a jump on today, I let Scene It: BOS run over night. (2) for (55gs). 170 to go. Making some coffee, mittens doesn't have thumbs.

7:00AM -- Miss Mittens woke me up by meowing her face off. She better make the coffee today.


  1. Today looks as though it will be the day for your big 500k. Wonder if Microsoft have a limit of 500k like the 100 friend limit. Thanks for the last few days blog - been interesting. Congrats anyway


    Figured this would be largely appropriate.

  3. I have been following the blog closely,this last few days.I just wanna say that i wish you the best,and today reaching 500000 is just great.Keep it up!

  4. Congratulations from the Netherlands!!! You're a modern day hero in my book.
    Keep up the good work...

  5. Congratulations from Germany!!!
    Following your blog since I (just recently) started Xbox gaming.
    Looking forward to another 1/2 million!

  6. Congratulations. It's all downhill from here. It just happens to be a very, very long hill.

    Do you think you'll get to 1,000,000 on this generation of hardware, or do you think the final achievement will be unlocked on the Xbox720 or whatever it will be called?

    And how tragic would it be if the achievements didn't carry over to the next console generation? That would be terrible. But I'm sure it will.

  7. Congratulations, fantastic achievement :)

  8. Fantastic! Congratulations =))))))!!!!

  9. Congratulations Stallion! Hopefully the next 500K goes even faster!

  10. congrats from germany(skill country!) ...und alle so "yeaaah!"

  11. Congratulations. Looking forward to those videos as well. Good luck in the second half.

  12. Thank you! All of you! All down hill, hehe.

  13. Awsome Stallion - must be a great feeling to be the first to hit 500K anywhere in the world... keep it going pal

  14. Félicitations!


  15. Congratz man, you are the true achiever. Youre one of the greatest gamers ever lived.

  16. Congratz!!! Microsoft won't let me do a forum post about your victory, the mod said he didn't want posts about cheevos:

  17. I made a post. Check out the renowned praise!

  18. Congrats Stallion, keep on entertaining me man!

  19. Oh no, you tainted the perfect 500,000 exact score. Couldn't you have waited a day or 2 to plug your console into xbox live to update the score.

  20. Congratulations! You are the king of persistence.