Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day In The LIfe

A day long running blog. Refresh for latest updates.

9:54PM -- (1) for (10gs) KR. That's it for me. I'll do this again tomorrow..just 225 away.

9:41PM -- (1) for (15GS) In KR. 1 more to go, Leapfrog is safe. 500k can wait.

9:09 PM -- I can hardly hold that ass up.

8:45PM -- Switching back to KR.

8:39PM -- (1) for (15gs) in GD:RB

8:33PM -- (1) for (20gs) in GD:RB

8:24PM -- (1) for (10gs). 5 left, getting tired.

8:17PM -- (1) for (15gs) in green day rock band. 6 to go for the day. Looks like 500k will have to wait until tomorrow. :(

8:10PM -- Checking out Green Day: Rock Band.

8:03PM -- Just got robbed. 100 pointer didn't unlock.

7:22PM -- Putting in Death smiles 2. Not sure what I'm trying to do.

7:13PM -- Had a banana, broccoli, and a granola bar. Very strange combination, I'm aware. I should have mixed it all up like Frank West then puked on my cat. Payback is a bitch.

7:02PM -- Friend list possibly being upped to 1,000? That's a surprise. All the facebook friends that posted in that discussion thread are taken care of. :)I was thinking like a 100 jump at the most.

7:01pm -- Food time, what to eat.

6:59PM -- I got out of the shower and pressed A. achievement unlocked. (1) for (40). 350 away.

6:21PM -- I have a few songs running search for a 40 pointer. Clean some stuff up, then shower.

6:14PM -- (1) for (10) in KR. 8 to go for leapfrog. 390 for 500k. Not sure if I can get 8 for 390.

6:06PM -- Push ups, then shower. Hungry also. Starving like Marvin, whatever the hell that means.

6:05PM -- 34 total for the day, I need 9 more.

6:01PM - (3) for (70gs) in Karaoke Revolution. 400 until 500,000. Not sure how many achievements total for the day. Done with sit ups.

5:51PM -- They have Sex On fire on here, maybe I won't need ear plugs.

5:46PM -- (6) for (125gs) in one song. Okay then, should have no problems getting the leapfrog done today.

5:44PM -- I didn't expect that, hit the jack pot while I was on the ground doing sit ups.

5:37PM -- Fired up Karaoke Revolution. It may be time to break out the ear plugs. Still not finished working out, had a phone call. Did pull-ups, about to do push-ups and sit ups.

4:58PM -- worked like charm (1) for (15gs) Doing pull-ups, about to install some games to the HDD.

4:45PM -- Rubber banding the right stick in Mysims to do 500 stunts.

4:41PM -- (2) for (115gs)Mysims Skyheroes. 19 more needed for the day, 610 for 500k. Going to exercise a liltte, feeling blah.

3:25PM -- (2) for (30gs) mysims. 725 away.

3:14PM -- (2) for (30GS) in mysims. Possum just got home and brought the mail in, got a package. Should have a few more about to pop in this.

2:21PM -- (2) for (50) in mysims. 25 more to go for the day. 785 for 500k. I could get 500k, I just might screw up the leapfrog.

2:06PM -- Shout out to my #1 lesbian fan. Great message!

2:03PM -- Took a piss while listening to "going the distance" Probably the greatest piss of my life.

1:53PM -- (3) for (55GS) in mysims. I feel like I won't make it today.

1:28PM -- Anybody wanna come over and chop up 10gigs of video? I'll give all the V8 your heart desires.

1:14PM -- All fueled up. Ate Turkey on wheat, Strawberry & banana Yogurt, and had a V8. More my sims, busting out the ipod, rocky playlist.

1:04PM -- (1) for (50) in Mysims. Getting something to eat, then I have to hit it. 890 away for 500k.

12:46PM -- (2) for (45) in Mysims. Total of 12 achievements for the day. Still need 31 more.Yikes.

12:33PM -- Going to brush my teeth.

12:31PM -- (1) for (15GS) in Mysims. This game makes me want to play Starfox. I've recorded well over 10gigs of video.

12:04PM -- My damn cat keeps drinking my water.

11:58AM -- (3) for (60GS) in Mysims. I might be in trouble for leapfrog. I have to do better.

10:55AM -- Now I can get back on the horse. I w talking to Possum for a bit and made a new post. Back to gaming now.

9:41AM -- Gotta get back on the horse, still have a long way to go. More SkyHeroes.

Once you pop you can't stop

9:21AM -- (2) for (35GS) In Mysims. 20,000 achievements popped!

9:08AM -- (2) for (40GS) In mysims skyheroes. 2 more until 20,000.

8:45AM -- Had a bowl of yogurt blast cheerios. Putting In Mysims Skyheroes.

8:31AM -- (1) for (20GS) in MOH. Getting something to eat.

8:17AM -- "You don't know what you got till it's gone" holds true, HD, a bag of beef jerky, not having herpes. Learn to appreciate.

8:09AM -- (1) for (15GS) in MOH. Capturing the achievements for now, may not do that for long since I can't play in HD. I hope the other one gets here soon.

7:54AM -- Popping in MOH.

7:41AM -- 6 achievements needed for 20,000 total. 43 to keep the achievement leapfrog going. 1,170 gamerscore until half a million. Three birds, one Xbox.

7:29AM -- Kobe Bryant has looked like dog crap in this pre-season. I know he is coming off knee surgery and all. Still, what he did with legitimate injuries in the play-offs last season is greater than a single flu game.

7:25AM -- Finished that up. Drinking my coffee, watching sports center.

6:49AM -- Up and about. Going to make the usual pot pot of coffee. Doing yesterdays achievement bounty in the mean time.


  1. Hope you hit the 500K today Stallion - loving this site and the podcast..

    Just wished I could game as much as you!

  2. Congrats on everything. You should do a day in the life when Fallout new vegas is relesed

  3. Lottery? Lawsuit? Insurance Settlement? Inheritance? You would go from being hated to being admired if you just explained it

  4. lol Johnathan... he will never explain man. You figure since he is one of the most famous gamers on XBOX, that he would have some self pride and admit to everyone what he really does. Hes being secret for a reason. So many identity thieves out there.

  5. I heard he goes to a small community college in the town he lives in. If that's true, I can see him using student loan money to finance his gaming habit while not working a job. As to why his girlfriend doesn't mind him playing all day is anyone's guess.

  6. "As to why his girlfriend doesn't mind him playing all day is anyone's guess."

    since we are playing the rumor game, I heard is real peen is as big as his e-peen so that is why BFP doesn't mind! Apparently the great peen is genetic because Omega Deez has been heard to say on occasion that his peen is as pretty as Prince.

  7. lol , all i know is that my girlfriend definitely hates it when i play xbox, haha. Fuck that noise.

  8. yeah, i've tried to convince my girl friend to be like yours. she hates when i play games for more than 2 hours at a time. how do you do it? i've bought her an xbox and the disney games but that has not worked

  9. what does your girlfriend think that your playing a child's game when she was at school all day?

  10. Almost at 500,000. Strut that ass hahaha!

  11. Strut that ass funny shit