Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day In The Life

A day long running blog that may go until I reach 500,000. Refresh for latest updates.

11:52PM -- I will probably be live blogging again tomorrow.. 6 away from 20,000 achievements. Hopefully I can hit 500,000 too.

11:39PM -- I have some work ahead of me to get that up to snuff. Wasn't wide screen, had no audio. Still need to tinker quite a bit.

10:54PM  -- The video quality looks decent, streaming quality I don't know. Tips and tricks needed. I already feel naked.... Stallion83TV

10:28PM -- Testing live stream.

10:18PM -- Messing with software now. This card won't allow me to play in HD, which sucks ass, but the one that should be here anytime will.

9:43PM -- Moved everything around...installing software to the computer, then I will need to rearrange some 360's. 

8:55PM -- Watching some of the Miami Heat preseason game while I move this crap.

8:50PM -- (4) for (65GS) In Mysims skyheroes. I think that puts me right at 42 achievements for the day. Time to move a bunch of stuff around.

8:08PM -- None of those achievements look very quick. Putting in Skyheroes.

7:55PM -- This system update is taking forever. I think it's finally finished...maybe not, black screen. errrr

7:48PM -- System update in progress. I was about to install Green Day: Rock Band. Got myself a V8.

7:41PM -- I guess I better pop those last 4 before I start moving crap around. 

7:30PM -- Back! Got everything I needed. Now I have a huge pile of cables. I think I'll have to move the computer closer to the TV. The laptop isn't running so well.

6:17PM -- Forgot that i need a few wire splitters for this capture card...heading to radio shack.

5:58PM -- Just did a recount 4 more until 42. Playing MOH for sure.

5:53PM -- (4) for (60GS) in Mysims Skyheroes. I think that's 5 to go. Popping in MOH to play some MP.

5:22PM -- Had boneless skinless Pink salmon, broccoli. cauliflower, and a little bit of white grape juice. And of course more water. Firing my system back up, I'll play either MOH online or more skyheroes.  

5:09PM -- I didn't drop the soap. Finding something to eat then back to the 360.

4:40PM -- Okay, all done with that. Going to play with Ms mittens for a bit then take a shower.

4:19PM -- Did curls, hammer curls, and lunges. Next up is push-ups and sit-ups. If you want to start working out, just go for it. Worry about what you eat after, but you will have to change your eating habits also. If you want to see results, it takes a combination of both.

4:03PM -- Started off with some bench press, not sure what else I'll do.

3:44PM -- (1) for (15GS) in SkyHeroes. 9 to go for the day, going to exercise. 

3:34PM -- I had possum stop by Best Buy on her way home to get a capture card. The one I ordered two weeks ago still hasn't arrived. It's not near as good as the one I ordered, but it will have to do for now. I will be streaming live soon (if my bandwidth can hold up) will also be making videos of how to get achievements. I still have to tinker with everything, but I plan to have video of every pop from 500,000 to 1,000,000.

3:04PM -- Need a jolt of energy. I was going to run at the park but possum isn't feel so hot. Probably going to just work out a little then. I'll do that after I pop a few more in sky heroes. 

2:56PM -- (3) for (30GS) in SkyHeroes. It's races and dogfights, think mario kart but with planes. Diddy Kong racing.

2:19PM -- (4) for (65GS). This game seems like it will be pretty easy for gamerscore. I won't be hitting 500,000 today, more than likely it will be tomorrow.

1:55PM -- (1) for (10GS) In Mysims SkyHeroes. It really doesn't seem that bad, looks like and feels like an arcade game. But that stupid gibberish talk is really annoying. 

1:35PM -- I hate talking on the phone. Going to floss and brush my teeth. Then load up Mysims SkyHeroes to unlock a few, then I have a date with Omega Deez........MOH MP.

1:25PM -- Had a turkey on wheat sandwich, small can of V8 juice, and a banana.Took a vitamin (centrum) Going to make a few phone calls.

1:11PM -- Gotta get something to eat. Not sure what I will play next, I do want to play some MOH MP later on.

1:08PM -- 24 down, 18 to go if I want to keep the leapfrog going.

1:06PM -- I don't think I've mentioned water drinking. If you've followed a day in the life before you know I drink a lot of water, still the same.

12:59PM -- (5) for (165GS) MOH Single Player done, I missed one level specific achievement. I liked it, FPS fans should enjoy it also, just too dang short. I really like the way night vision looks. Comparing MOH hard to COD veteran. COD = King of the Jungle MOH = pussy cat.

12:26PM -- (4) for (60GS) The stealth mission, mission 9 I believe, was pretty dang good. But not as good as the Call of Duty stealth missions. Only 1 mission left.

11:59AM -- Second to last mission seems like a stealth one. I just silently slit a throat wide open.

11:54AM -- (2) for (30GS). Gunplay is on par with Bad Company, although when using iron sights the frame rate tends to chug. Graphics are somewhere in the middle of BC1 and BC2.

11:38AM -- (3) for (40GS) in MOH. The campaign might be too short.

11:18AM -- (2) for (35GS) in MOH. Don't be afraid to start this game on hard, it feels more like normal.

10:57AM -- Now I must game. Putting in MOH.

10:56AM -- SuperEugene41 says: dont do a lebron and choke at 499,999 lmfao :P

 10:40AM -- I better get to gaming if I want those 42 achievements for the day. I'll probably load up some MOH single player.

10:19AM -- Just activated the ninja suit for Dead Rising 2. Thanks Fro!

10:10AM -- She wants to be Alice and recommended I be the Mad hatter. I said how about the Cheshire Cat......not going to happen

10:00AM -- Still talking to possum about stuff. Halloween costumes came up, looking at some now. Had a Kashi granola bar and got another cup of joe.

9:44AM -- Just checked the weather outside, I'm melting! help me! Very nice weather, just right temperature wise.

9:35AM -- Going to grab some grub and then hang out with possum before she heads off to school.

9:30AM -- More sleep would've been nice. I had a strange dream that possum was choking me to death.

9:25AM -- Drinking some coffee and checking the internets. The story behind why I started drinking coffee. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Multiplayer was so awesome, I didn't want to go to sleep. True story. I've been hooked every since. Well, I did drink a nasty ass cup a few years back which lead me to quit drinking it for a few months.

9:20AM -- My coffee is beeping, need a few cups. I always end up feeling like crap when I do these. Yesterday I felt fresh as a daisy.

9:15AM -- Woke up a lot later than usual. I was up earlier (3AM) because I couldn't sleep but I also couldn't keep myself awake. I managed to finish off memories off 7 which only took a few minutes. I unlocked (9) in that so I guess I'm doing okay for getting to 42 today.


  1. Thanks for doing another one of these! I found the last one you did pretty interesting, just going back and refreshing every hour or so to see what was new.

    Hope you keep this one going until 500K, you're damn close! Any idea what game you'll be hitting 500K on?

  2. What do you do for a living? Where is your income?

  3. Another day in the life. I want my question answered. If your GF goes to school, and you can play games, then who works. How can you afford turkey on wheat, and centrum vitamins, and small cans of V8 juice. I just want to know because I want to know the secret on how to do it. I have to work all day and have no time for games, please tell me what I do wrong.

  4. Will u please answer everybodys question and tell us how u get every game on release date. Gamefly doesnt ship games that fast.

  5. When you get to a million it's going to be like the end of the Truman Show, when you sit back, take a sigh of relief, then say 'I wonder what's on TV'.

  6. I'm sure he preorders games. and trades off maybe with other people

  7. SuperEugene41: If you read stal's FB, he only actually buys the games worthy of Keeping - which means probably 70 - 80 % probably go back after 1000! Not that dear of a habit TBH! Some people would spend similar money on cigarettes!