Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day In The Life

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 8:29PM -- Achievement Bounty done and posted. Going to retire to my couch and watch Monday Night Football. Checking messages and stuff before I retire. Goodnight.

7:50PM-- Pop goes the weasel, 1 for 10GS in Dirt 2 pc. Puts me at 40 for the day on the dot. Tomorrow I'll need 41, hopefully MOH is good. Where does the time go? About to get the achievement bounty for today ready.

6:57PM -- Eating something called Homestyle bakes, Asian style fried rice. Has chicken, rice, and peas. Pretty good for what it is. Probably going to load up dirt PC for that final achievement to make 40.

6:49PM -- Feeling mighty clean. Making some food while Possum cleans up, well, stirring what she told me to stir.

6:12PM -- Back now. Shot some hoops then ran for 2.5 miles. Possum did as well, need a shower, Stinky Mc Stinkersen.

4:43PM -- About to get in the car and drive to the park for a run. I'll probably be gone for around an hour. Still need 1 more achievement.

4:16PM -- 2 for 30. KG was the Jordan player of the game. 20pts 9Rebs 3assis 1stl. Not sure why I didn't get my positive teamate rating.:( 1 to go.

3:47PM -- Holy crap! a game is starting. I'm KG

3:39PM -- Taking forever to find a game. Not a good sign. Is it too much to ask for a game that works out of the box...I think not.

3:31PM -- Forgot to mention how selfish people are in Team-up mode. I was on the bulls as Boozer went 8 for 10. The guy controlling Derrek Rose went 2 for 29. Unbelievable.

3:29PM -- Scratch that, I want to play NBA2k11. I'll give team-up mode another shot. I kept getting disconnect during the games last time.

3:26PM -- Going to fire up Dirt 2 PC to see what I can get.

3:23PM -- Couldn't find any meat I wanted, had to settle for a bowl of raisin bran with skim milk. Cleaned a bunch of cat hair off my couch.

3:12PM -- Still thinking about those last 3 I need. I just want to get it over with so I can rest by brain a little.

3:03PM -- Installed one of the games I will probably start up tomorrow. Possum is on her way home, so we will go running in a few. Now what to play for the final 3 achievements of the day.

2:56PM -- Also had a nice little salad. Looking for some meat.

2:53PM -- Yep, everything unlocked. 8 for 510GS. What a short game that was. 37 down 3 to go.

2:42PM -- If every thing pops like it should, I may be done with this in a minute. By far my easiest day so far. I was grinding out a lot of stuff over the past 10 days. I knew Kiss was my get out of jail free card.

2:34PM -- 3 for 120GS in KoMD. 29 down, 11 to go. Not too shabby. Done with push-ups 3 sets of 60. Still more to do in Kiss, not sure if I can just leave it. We'll see.

2:25PM -- Sweet! No problems. This must be the long story arc for KoMD, come on already.

2:22PM -- Dips done. I'll try some push-ups but I get various results with that from day to day. Sometimes it's too painful on my wrists.

2:15PM -- Can't wait for possum to get back, haven't seen her much lately. We are going for a run at the park here in a little bit.

2:06PM -- Curls done, About to do some dips. Still waiting on the other 120 to pop.


1:54PM -- Doing curls and hammer curls. Drinking lots of water, it's very important.

1:50PM -- 3 for 120 is KoMD. About to let another story arc run that is worth the same amount.

1:43PM -- Listening to smack my bitch up. This song makes me want to fly down to Texas and Smack My Bitch up.

1:37PM -- Kiss on My deity is still running along smoothly. Just did 3 sets of 25 chin-ups. It's one of the work outs that doesn't effect the cysts that are in both wrists.

1:28PM -- Doing chin-ups first. I already feel better. :)

1:22PM -- Left ear bud for IPod headphones is busted. wtf. crackly songs for the loss. Although, it sounds better than the party chat podcast.

1:16PM -- Yep, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Thank God for KoMD. I'd be french toast without it.

1:08PM -- Finished that off, what a quick game that is. 23 down 17 to go. I'll probably put KoMD back in and let that run while I work out.

12:26PM -- I think I'm losing my mind, I think the to go count is completely wrong. Bout to get the real number. Yeah, it's 15 down, 25 to go.

12:20PM -- 2 for 30GS. 23 to go. I guess I should go brush my teeth.

12:05PM -- 2 for 35GS in Wallace and Gromit. 26 to go, I have just under 12 hours to do so.

11:46AM -- Had a turkey sandwich, broccoli, cauliflower, and a low fat yogurt (Yoplait) Just downloaded Wallace and Gromit #3, so I'm starting that up.

11:27AM -- 1 for 20GS in NBA 2k11. 29 to go. I hate this years achievements, they seem to not want to pop unless certain settings are applied. Probably need to get something to eat.

10:23AM -- Popping in Nba2k11 to see if I can get a quick one.

9:45AM -- 2 for 70GS in Death Smiles 2. 30 to go. Going to spend some time with possum before she heads off to school.

9:07AM -- Seems like time is going by very fast. I'll try another cup of coffee, then another play through of death smiles 2.

8:57AM -- 1 for 20GS. 33 to go. A slog just like I expected. I'm worn out mentally from the previous 10 days. It's extremely hard to keep focus.

8:48AM -- Liquid chunks

8:44AM -- Miss Mittens just blew chunks, gotta clean that up.:(

8:16AM -- Going to do another run-through of Death Smiles 2.

8:13AM -- Ate other half of the blueberry bagel and had a tiny bit of lowfat cottage cheese. Took a multivitamin (centrum)

8:07AM -- Correction: Satan Claws. 1 for 30GS. 34 to go.

7:47AM -- Deathsmiles 2 is such a strange little game. Christmas themed (final boss is Santa Claws) side scrolling shooter. There is so much stuff on the screen at once it's hard to distinguish enemy projectiles from goodies.

7:17AM -- 1 for 80GS. 34 to go. Moving to Death Smiles 2x. I was having trouble with achievements unlocking yesterday, so it may be a bad choice.

7:14AM -- 1 for 20GS. 35 to go.

7:08AM -- KoMD is a multitask game, once I pop these 2 achievements for this story arc, I'm moving to something else. I'll revisit it when I have something to multitask.

7:06AM -- 1 for 20GS. 36 to go.

7:03AM -- Drinking lots of water.

6:51AM -- oops, selected the wrong option. Just wasted 15 minutes, shit happens. I'll probably switch games after this story arc is finished. I'll come back to it later. Easy stuff to waste a semi fresh whore on.

6:41AM -- Rubber band on the right trigger is my best friend. Still have to stick around to choose a few options. Maybe I should save this for later when I get really tired.

6:26AM -- 1 for 80GS. 37 to go. Getting another cup of coffee, need the jolt.

6:17AM -- 1 more for 20GS. 38 to go. I can already tell this is going to be a slog of a day.

6:09AM -- 1st achievement popped. 1 for 20GS. 39 to go.

6:03AM -- Getting bored with this quickly. Listening to Mike & Mike on espn2.

5:49AM -- Ate half of a blueberry bagel. Now back to KomD. I'll probably listen to music while I play.

5:46AM -- Getting something to eat and getting a glass of water.

5:41AM -- Done with messages for now. Going to eat something then probably play Kiss on my deity, a good way to get the ball rolling.

5:33AM -- Drinking some coffee, thinking about how I'm going to approach getting 40 achievements today. Coffee is the worst thing I drink by the way, hardly ever drink pop (last time I did was Halo release, had a couple sips of dew), and rarely drink booze. I like keeping a clear head.

5:24AM -- Answering and deleting xbox live messages.

5:20AM -- Coffee is brewing. I'm checking out facebook, twitter, xbox live messages, ect in the mean time.

5:11AM -- Just woke up and slept like crap, got maybe 5 hours. Feeling sort of sickly. Making some coffee (Folgers Colombian) and checking the internet.


  1. My cat did that this morning, too. I HATE that. Just as you sit down to get something productive done, cat yack. But you can't leave it or fellow members of the household will do the same to you. I got 7 hours sleep, though, so I was probably in a better frame of mind to deal with it.

  2. How do you unlock Demolition Crew and Experimental Treatment on the same day at the same time? Aren't those 2 individual missions?


  3. Where is the part where you go to your job? If no job how do you afford, games, xbox, house, bills, etc?

  4. What Nubbins said... Where is your income...You fail to mention 2:30 PM Check just came in the mail from the lottery, lawsuit, or sexual friend? As much as everyone is fascinated with what you are doing with your mission to 1 million. People are actually interested in your real life too. Actually forget that, people are interested in how you can just play games, work out, and hang with ur gf, and HAVE NO INCOME how your GF doesnt get mad at you for just playing XBOX for 8hrs a day. Just tell us what we all want to hear... your blog generates some money, microsoft is sending you games, whatever it may be! thank you!

  5. Stallion how many retail games do you own ?

  6. To start with, gamefly probs send him free games because of adverts on this blog

  7. Lottery? Lawsuit? Insurance Settlement? Inheritance? People would hate you less if you just explained it