Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day In The Life: Fallout: New Vegas

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You only played 3 hours of Fallout wtf stallion!
11:03PM --I think that's about it for me. Didn't do hardly what I planned, but sickness happens. Next Tuesday should be a day in the life with Fable III. Hopefully my new capture card arrives by then and maybe I won't be sick.

10:07PM -- Had a granola bar and some low fat yogurt. Not playing anything right now, tweaking with stuff.

9:11PM -- (2) for (35GS) in Green Day: Rock Band. 

8:44PM -- Answering some Xbox LIVE messages first.

8:40PM -- I would like to play Fallout 3 and talk more about that but my head isn't right, Probably going to play some Green Day: Rock Band. 

8:21PM -- wow, a 40 minute shower. wtf. Still don't feel any better.

7:31PM -- That didn't go too well, I'm just wore out. Took some more Medication. Maybe a hot shower will help me out.

6:39PM -- Got a big glass of water, about to do an interview.

6:30PM - Had Honey ham on wheat, banana, and a salad. Making that G-mail account.

6:10PM -- Enough of that, not running, don't feel good at all. Not helping that Cindy is cleaning and that odor is getting to me. Need to eat then make a G-mail account.

5:58PM -- Done with that and dips, about to do some sit ups. May not run, cold sticking with me.

5:35PM -- Done with bench press, doing pull ups. I wanna go run but Cindy is trying to stop me. "You'll get sicker."

5:02PM -- Doing some curls...lol my first fan picture (watch who is around before you click)

4:42PM -- I'll probably play some more Fallout later. If you like Fallout 3, I don't see why you wouldn't like Vegas. If you didn't like Fallout 3, this will not change your mind.

4:41PM -- Exercising a little, might let Karaoke Revolution run for a bit.

4:21PM -- From what I can gather everything is on par with what Fallout 3 had to offer...except maybe the story. Answering some Xbox LIVE  messages, then I'll probably try and beat this cold out of me with some exercise.

3:00PM -- (1) for (15GS) Obviously this isn't a quick game for gamerscore, nor would I want it to be.

2:40PM -- Some dude was trying to beat me down with a tire iron...inside joke for those that know me. Needless to say, I beat him down.

2:26PM -- Had a V8 and a small apple to eat. Trying to get myself feeling better. 

2:13PM -- Hardcore mode is up my alley, you have to drink lots of water to keep your hydration up.

1:54PM -- popping a cough drop.

1:12PM -- If you want to save some time I recommend turning the kill camera off.

12:42PM -- The gunplay is still piss poor out of vats. The graphics seem slightly improved....maybe. They used all the assets from fallout 3, textures to sound effects, not a big surprise there and not a complaint on my part. I left Harcore mode on.

12:25PM -- (1) for (10GS) In Fallout:NV. It will eventually prompt you to put hardcore mode on if you want. It seems exactly like fallout 3 so far.

12:11PM -- Ate half of a blueberry bagel, some lowfat cottage cheese, and took a multi-vitamin.  Back to Fallout for some actual gameplay.

11:57AM -- Gotta get something to eat before I glue myself to the chair.

11:56AM -- Named my character Stalbo. A mixture of rocky and rambo, Vegas ain't ready for this.

11:52AM - Opening cut-scene had a Sinatra song, the player customization is exactly like Fallout 3.

11:39AM -- Most of the achievements look identical to fallout 3, except the hardcore one. I think I'll go for fun over hardcore mode for now.

11:36AM -- Before I start playing, I have no expectations for this game. I haven't looked at a single video, screen shot, review, preview, nothing. I loved Fallout 3, that's about all I know. About to check out what the achievements are.

11:34AM -- Fallout: New Vegas is rated mature.
 Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs.

11:32AM -- While I was away I unlocked (1) for (30GS) In KR.

11:27AM -- Exceed the daily limit of messages I can send to friends on xbox.com. plugging in my chat pad and moving to the xbox. Getting a cup of coffee.

11:19AM -- I'm back...installing Fallout now while I read and reply to xbox messages.

10:37AM - Got cleaned up a little, brushed and flossed my teeth and all that jazz. Leaving to go get it, I have KR running while I'm gone.

10:21AM -- Okay, now that's done. getting ready to go pickup Fallout.

10:15AM -- Wrapped that up, just need to send it.

10:01AM -- I can pick up Fallout, but I must get this interview done first.

9:56AM -- Power just flickered off and shut my xbox down. Need to fire that back up to get Karaoke Revolution running again.

9:47AM -- Had  a kashi granola bar. Just read a note that Cindy left me. "I love you! I will call you at lunch. I would appreciate it if you would clean the house a little. I love you! -Cindy"

9:40AM -- Making progress with this interview. Getting something to eat.

9:29AM -- Double fisting water and coffee. That sounds odd.

9:20AM -- Doing an interview, trying to get that done before I go pick up fallout.

9:12AM -- That is up. HERE it is with some nice xbox live messages.

8:58AM  -- Putting together the Achievement Bounty for 10-18-2010

8:44AM -- Still checking messages.

Miss Mittens is ready for all day blogging.
8:24AM -- Loading up Karaoke Revolution  to let that run in the background. I'll be going to pick up Fallout in around 90 minutes. 

8:21AM -- Still checking messages and things. Didn't have to make coffee, Cindy made a pot and has already left the building. She is doing observation at a dental office.

8:14AM -- Checking messages and things around the internet/xbox live and making some coffee.

8:09AM EST -- I feel like I was hit by a semi truck this morning. My girlfriend gave me her cold, I'll need plenty of Tylenol cold to make it through the day.


  1. At 10:37, does that mean you cleaned up yourself a little or the house?(as per the note)

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  3. I don't exactly know why, but i do like your 'A day in the life' a lot. I hope you will share more of your thoughts on F:NV with us once you spent some more time playing it.

    Greetings from Germany and
    get well soon!