Thursday, October 21, 2010

Completed Game: タユタマ-Kiss on my Deity-

Completed on 10-11-2010
Just another Japanese dating Sim game that takes little to no effort to complete. If you have or you plan on getting a Japanese unit and you're into gamerscore, this is a must play.

Highly Recommend for Easy gamerscore. You can obtain the full 1,000 in around 3 hours.


  1. Can you do a day in the life every day I like to check in on you while I'm bored at work


  2. My head would explode. :) I'm going to do it once a week for now. I'm working on some things to make it better, then I may do it more often.

  3. Hey Stallion, i feel your pain. Its kind of funny how when your sick you usually dont feel like going to school or work, so instead youll do something else, like play video games. Lately, if i feel like crap, and got nothing else to do today, i dont even have enough energy to turn my xbox on lol.