Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch Chia

Achievement Bounty 10-5-2010 (33) (640GS)
DAY 1:
25 Achievements
506 Gamerscore
Day 2:
28 Achievements
941 Gamerscore
Day 3:
29 Achievements
625 Gamerscore
Day 4:
30 Achievements
485 Gamerscore
Day 5:
33 Achievements
640 Gamerscore

34 needed by the end of the day to keep it going.

Pippen "I told you guys not to mess with him."
NBA 2k11 is excellent. Are you are a fan of the bulls or Jordan?  If so, it will be love at first sight. You don't just have to be a fan of Jordan, it's still a game for every NBA fan. It also has a lot of the old school teams from the late 80's early 90's. Easily the best basketball game on current generation consoles. NBA Elite, do us all a favor and call it off for good. You have no chance.

Bosh "I preferred your cold nuts in my face"

It looks a lot better on the xbox and with snazzy little sounds. BLAH!

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  1. oooh that was sick, wicked and nasty!