Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baked Apple Pie On A Window Seal

Achievement Bounty 10-2-2010 (28)
If the Crash Time series keeps improving at this rate, Crash Time XXV will probably be the greatest game of all time. I'm really enjoying Crash Time 3 thus far, greatly improved in every way over its predecessors. You can even do drive-bys, (you get to shoot bad guys from your car in some missions) which is really strange to me because of the city it takes place in, but still pretty cool. Today was another successful gamerscore day. I did up my achievement total from the previous day, up from 25 to 28. So I guess that means tomorrow I need 29 to keep whatever this is, going. I'm destined to fail in about a day or so. I better get to cracking on that.

Less than 10,000 to go before the half way point! The scent of 500,000 is luring me in like a cartoon character to a baked apple pie on a window seal. I'm actually getting pretty excited about it. I've been numb to the achievement popping feeling for so long, it feels nice to be excited about reaching it.
CAUTION: This pie will burn your dick off, don't even think about it.

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