Monday, September 6, 2010

Podcast: Party Chat Podcast - Episode #5

Featuring: MajinFro, Omega Deez, Rand al Thor 19, and Stallion83

Theme by Omega
Games Played
Theme by Omega and Fro
Tales From Detroit
Theme by Omega
Wedding Wing
Case Zero
Fallout New Vegas
PAX Orgy
Improved Voice Quality with Kinect
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  1. I would be entertained if in the next podcast you cool guys would take a few of your precious minutes to discuss the new mortal kombat HD Kollection(november)/mortal kombat 2011 games ! Ive never been so hyped for a game ever in my life than i am for mortal kombat hd kollection which is coming out on the 23rd of november with brand new motion capture and brand new redone hd visual backrounds and stages! This is Gametag:BionicPhelim signing out!

  2. Gamertag : MissBubbblesSeptember 7, 2010 at 1:10 PM

    GREAT P0DCAST AS ALWAYS FELLAS ! WHO LET THE NUB IN ! DID U LET HIM IN ! I DONT KNOW HOW HE GOT IN ! I DID N0T INVITE HIM ! I SAID WHO LET THE NUB IN! Keep up the good work ! Dont give up ! See it through ! Like Eminem ! Im not afraid ! To take a stand! Everybody ! Come take my hand ! Well walk this road together ! Through the storm ! Whatever weather ! Cold or warm! Just lettin yano that your not alone! Holla if you feel like youve bin down the same road! And i just cant keep livin this way! So starting today im breaking out of this cage! I wont let up ima shed my demons and i wont gave up coz am so fade up holla if u feel like u bin dan da same road ! I am gay by the way i tried to say id be there waiting for! DICK ! I KNEW STALLION SINCE HE WAS JUST SPERM ! Hahahahahahahahahahaha L0L !

  3. Barbie lookin pornstarSeptember 7, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    Oh you guys are so cute ! I would love nothin more than to just go in to that party chat room and give each and everyone of you the best handjob youve ever had in yourlife! Year hot blooded men anyways arent yee ! You like them collectible playboy centerfolds in mafia 2 dont you ! I know what you boys are like and i know all to well what you like !

  4. yeah there was a reason I blocked communications with you on Xbox Live. posting under 3 different names doesn't hide the fact you are the same person.

  5. Some of these comments... pfff. Good podcast, as always guys. Keep it up.

  6. Question: I know where Stallion got his gt from. Where did the rest of you come up with yours?