Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halo Reach Ranks

Achievement Bounty 9-17-2010

Halo: Reach Ranks

Recruit - 0cR
Private - 7500 cR
Corporal - 10000 cR
Corporal Grade 1 - 15000 cR
Sergeant - 20000 cR
Sergeant Grade 1 - 26250 cR
Sergeant Grade 2 - 32500 cR
Warrant Officer - 45000 cR
Warrant Officer Grade 1 - 78000 cR
Warrant Officer Grade 2 - 111000 cR
Warrant Officer Grade 3 - 144000 cR
Captain - 210000 cR (ACHIEVEMENT)
Captain Grade 1 - 233000 cR
Captain Grade 2 - 256000 cR
Captain Grade 3 - 279000 cR
Major - 325000 cR
Major Grade 1 - 350000 cR
Major Grade 2 - 375000 cR
Major Grade 3 - 400000 cR
Lt. Colonel - 450000 cR (ACHIEVEMENT)
Lt. Colonel Grade 1 - 480000 cR
Lt. Colonel Grade 2 - 510000 cR
Lt. Colonel Grade 3 - 540000 cR
Colonel - Unknown

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  2. Hey I must say great post and blog you have here. I just have Score Attack, If They Came To Hear Me Beg and the two achievements listed in this post to unlock all of them. Do you have any tips on how to get the achievement...If They Came To Hear Me Beg?...I tried what IGN said to do and I am not getting it at all.

  3. Load up Pillar of Autumn and at almost the very beginning you will come to a cliff edge. Look down and you should see an elite and some grunts. You want the elite lined up, so you have to wait until he backs up a little bit. Jump on him from that ledge and just as you are about to hit him, HOLD B, you should do an assassination. It may take a few tries and don't forget to back up off the ledge and get some speed.

  4. Hey Stallion. Great list and very useful! How are you liking the game?! It is a crazy good game in my opinion! -Andy

  5. Is there any other map you could get the achievement on.

  6. Hey i recommend the pillar of autumn as well. I guess there are ways of getting it on other maps but it is pretty hard and specific. "assasinate elite" & "survive a fatal fall" are some of the specific requirements. Oh and when you sprint off the edge you stop sprinting about halfway. Meaning dont let the ability run the whole time. Hope it helped! - Andy

  7. Finally got the Halo: Reach achievement (If They Came To Hear Me Beg) on the final mission, (The Pillar of Autumn) after 15 hours of trying.... I just only have the two online ones to get and I am finish.

  8. @AndyO1209 I love it.

    @Mercury gaming 15 hours? That's some dedication.

  9. Reach is quality, I am a little surprised you didn't go for it on Legendary first time through though. Is it because you wanted to make sure you enjoyed the campaign at least twice?

  10. I wanted to play co-op first and I knew you had to do legendary solo, so i went with heroic in co-op.

  11. @ Stallion

    Hey. Are you gonna try to get more achievements in the game? Are you gonna bother getting the multiplayer achievements because i know those are going to take dedication.

    @ Murcury Gami

  12. Sorry Bout that. Accidentally hit the Post button

    @ Mercury Gaming
    WTF! 15 hours?! Please tell me you are exaggerating. It is a 5-10 min. thing! Well i got to hand it to you, like stallion said, great detication. I know my brother would try for 5 minutes and getbored. ;)

  13. @ andyo1209

    Yes I am not kidding. I did spend 15 hours. Every time I made the jump the elite would move or I would land short. IGN made the achievement look easy but its not. To me it is one of the hardest achievements in the game. ( The best way to do it is with the pistol in your hand )

  14. took me two tries. combined time less than 2 minutes.

  15. Hardest achievement?? Really? Hmmm well i need the keep it clean achievement and cant seem to kill those birds. Any tips? Im looking to 1000/1000 the game by next month. Any tips on these achievements?
    Keep it Clean
    Campaign complete legendary heroic and solo
    Score attack
    Captain and lt colonel

    Weekly challenge

  16. Dang it! Srry stallion for all these accidental posts.

    Those are the only achievements i need (40/49) so tips appreciated!

    Also Stallion, do you want to do campaign later? Im looking for players for the legend campaign achievemenThanks!

  17. Hey Andyo1209

    Dont even bother asking stallion83 to play with you. He thinks that since he has a high gamerscore hes better than everybody else.

    Ypu can hit me up on an invite though.
    My gamertags BigBadda xSmurf

  18. All I've got left is the Make It Rain (Lt. Colonel) achievement, but I have a feeling that's gonna take me a while. Hope you get something cool for 1000/1000 gamerscore.

  19. its pretty easy to get all achievements on reach xcept for the obvious kill the elite with an assasination.. but you can do it on a map with a jet pack fairly easily if the pillar of autumn on isnt working for you

  20. PS ive got 330000 GS.. just saying.. haha