Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Completed Game: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Another game where I had a little bit of the DLC to finish up before all the achievements were complete. And again, another crappy batch of DLC. If you want this particular DLC, I would recommend picking it up asap. It will be removed forever from the marketplace at the end of the year. Good Riddance! However, the main game itself was good stuff, especially in co-op.

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  1. I am a huge achievement whore like u. I had my old account SAVAG3 SOLDIER for a year and i just bought a year of live and then without permission my friend modded my gamerscore to 100 thousand.( legit i had 27000 in 6 months) then microft banned my account. I ended up breaking my friends nose. I quit playing xbox for about 2 months. I finally restarted my quest of achievements when i found this website. U have inspired me to start achievements again. I got almost 4000 points and 3 complete games in 6 days ( new profile name is Boomshott). Thanks. I look at ur profile everyday.