Saturday, September 25, 2010

Be My Future Xbox Live Friend

Achievement Bounty 9-24-2010

I really didn't accomplish much today even though it looks like a decent bounty. Most of it was done while I was sleeping.  You can set up a turbo controller to have Karaoke Revolution: AI Encore 2 run back the same song as long as your heart desires. Doing so makes getting the 200 platinum and 25 million achievements a breeze. We got the next Podcast all recorded, so look for that in a few days. 

Not sure how many messages I've received over time about wanting to be on my Xbox live friends list and I really do feel bad about denying you. As you may know, the limit is 100 friends and I've been at the limit since 2006. :( Here's the deal, if Microsoft does up the friends limit, I want the people that have been following me from the beginning to be on it. I will throw up a discussion topic about it on my FaceBook page. All you have to do is say ADD ME and put your Gamertag. I already know what's going to happen when that day comes, so I'm just getting prepared for it. Alternatively, you can send me a 4,000 Microsoft point card or a big bag of beef jerky to get on it now. muhahahaha...kidding btw.


  1. SuperEugene41: As you probably know, i have followed you since Sep 08 (When i first got an xbox and you first started blogging) I seen you up there on the Gamerscore leaderboards and i feel so priviledged that your my friend! Id like to say thanks :)

  2. Haha nice preparation for a good competition Stallion, though I think you may regret saying this when that day finally does occur! Keep up the regular posting and the podcasts man, really been good keeping up with you.

  3. They're going to make it unlimited friends and I'm going to laugh.

  4. haha, I highly doubt that will happen.