Friday, September 10, 2010

Achievement Bounty 9-9-2010

Just gearing up for the GSL. It starts in about 22 hours of me writing this. I have finally thought about a game plan, nothing note worthy up my sleeve. Probably won't get much done tomorrow, but come Saturday, there should be a significant leap in my activity. No more pussy footing about. No xbox live message of the day, haven't gotten any good material lately.

It's on!

AB Daily Audio


  1. I'm curious to see what easy/easier gamerscore games you'll come up with to play for the league.

  2. are you going back to old games and completing them or do you have some new ones?

  3. Probably get a lot of the DLC in old games, missing a lot of that.

  4. Good luck stallion, beating me and the rest of up, down, left, right won't be easy. It will be intersting though to see how well you do considering you have alot of gs anyways, going to be keeping a watch on your blog alot closer during the duration of the league.


    forgot the link, in case you decide to