Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Achievement Bounty 9-7-2010

Still not catching fire, but it's better than a single. Feeling like I'm about to break free from the slump. As far as Spider-man: Dimensions goes, it seems solid so far. I'll probably be in bed exclusively with it until I finish up the campaign. The noir levels remind me of the stealth found in Batman AA to a degree. The boss battles have some really nice touches, too. The only complaint I have is the fairly cheesy dialog. The voice acting is actually better than decent, just some of the dialog bugs me. Feels like a few Spider-man games rolled into one and I think it's well worth your time.

AB Daily Audio

All your messages are belong to me - Xbox Live message of the day

XI modz IX TxBB says: hey man if u really wanna get 1 million i got a guy that modded my gamersore he can add just the right amount of games so u have 1 million gamerscore hes on my friends list its NiNjA MoDz TxBB message me or him if ur intersested

S83: I wonder if anyone will notice if I jump 520,000 overnight?


  1. arent you sick of your gamertag / gamerpic sometime?

  2. Stop deletin my posts!!!