Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Achievement Bounty 9-21-2010

I can't believe I waited all this time before trying out the game of two years ago, You're in the Movies.  Hey, at least it's an upgrade from Scrotumball.

Unedited Audio Diary


  1. Hang in there mate!! there are some good games coming just around the corner.

    I have to say i visit here nearly everyday to see how your going and what your playing even tho i only play the PS3 as my girlfriend took over the xbox i had and she now has about 47,000 gamerscore.

    I play for the ps3 trophies but i know how it can get you down when you get some crappy games. Stick with it your doing good.

  2. To above: You're pathetic. You fail at trolling.

    FYI Stallion rocks.

  3. To above above: You're jealous.